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Change your air.
Enhance your environment and grow your business.

nanoe™ X inhibits certain bacteria, viruses, pollens, allergens, and mould as well as breaking down hazardous substances contained in PM 2.5. nanoe™ X contributes to your business by solving indoor odour issues with deodorisation.


Odours drive turnover down!

An illustration showing how a hotel has difficulty cleaning a room within the standard 4 hours due to odour problems

Main reasons why odours remain

Each customer assumes that the room smells fresh and good, but because of the many different customers staying with different ways of handling the room, there is a chance that an odor will remain. To maintain operational efficiency, it is important to remove the odours quickly so that the customers can enjoy a worry-free fresh space in the room.

An illustration that expresses that the number one issue that guests have at hotels is odours caused by eating, drinking, and smoking by the previous guest in the room


Deodorising to increase turnover!

An illustration showing that nanoe™ X can inhibit odours in a hotel room 24/7

Inhibiting the mouldy odour of shower curtains

With the use of a ventilation fan in the bathroom, the nanoe™ X that fills the bedroom also circulates into the bathroom and can inhibit the growth of mould. Even a shower curtain that is past time for replacement will not become a cause of guest complaints.

An illustration showing that nanoe™ X is effective against odors caused by mould in hotel bathrooms
A logo showing that nanoe™ X keeps the room clean 24/7

Even after checkout, you can keep the air in the guest room cleaner by continuing to circulate nanoe™ X with fan mode. (Energy consumption of 35W/h*)

*Varies by model

nanoe™ X odour reduction tests and results

Even in a large area (139 m²) nanoe™ X reduced odours absorbed by fabrics such as curtains and carpets.

A graph showing that cigarette smoke odour intensity is reduced more when nanoe™ X is operating than with natural reduction, and a diagram showing the experimental method

Odour intensity levels
0 Odourless
1 Hardly noticeable
2 Minimally identifiable
3 Immediately noticeable
4 Strong
5 Intensely disagreeable

Cigarette smoke odour (room size: approx. 139 m²)

After 2 hours there was an odour intensity reduction of approximately 0.4 levels more with nanoe™ X than with natural reduction.

Testing organisation
Kaken Test Center, Japan
(Report No. KT-19-015089-1)

Tested product: CS-P160U6 4-way cassette air conditioner equipped with nanoe™ X. Test method: (1) The test air conditioner was installed inside an old office measuring approximately 7 m x 20 m x 2.7 m, or about 139 m². (2) A predetermined number of pieces of cloth (gauze) were hung in an approximately 1 m³ box and 5 cigarettes were lit and left for one hour. (3) The pieces of cloth that had absorbed the cigarette smoke odour were placed at a height of less than 1 m approximately 3 m away from the air conditioner outlet and the air conditioner was operated in fan mode. (4) Then a sensory evaluation was implemented (6-level odour intensity indication method). N = 9 subjects. Target odour: Cigarette smoke.

nanoe™ X effective in deodorising a busy office

nanoe™ X effective in deodorising a busy office

Office odours
(room size: approx. 1,362 m³)

In an office with a simple moving average of 102 employees present, the average odour sensor value was reduced by 40 over a period of 25 days.

Office odours  (room size: approx. 1,362 m3)

Note 1: When the sensor differential is over 40, there is a difference in the level of odour that can be perceived by humans.
Note 2: The calculation of average number of people working in the office includes weekends.

Panasonic internal research. Test method: (1) Continuous cooling operation of air conditioners equipped with nanoe™ X in an office for 24 hours without any restriction on human movement. (2) The odour sensor was operated for 24 hours and the values were recorded. (3) The recorded values were calculated as the simple moving average values for 7 days. Test period: 4 weeks with and 4 weeks without nanoe™ X. Target: air (odour) in an office. Test result: When nanoe™ X was on, the value indicated by the odour sensor decreased.

As well as deodrising, nanoe™ X supoorts
your business with various effects.

Inhibits Bacteria & Viruses

An image showing that bacteria and viruses in office meeting rooms are inhibited by nanoe™ X

Inhibits Mould

An image showing that mould growing in a locker room is inhibited by nanoe™ X

Inhibits Hazardous Substances

An image showing that bacteria and viruses in an enclosed space such as a monitor room are inhibited by nanoe™ X

How nanoe™ X works

The secret is that nanoe™ X contains Hydroxyl radical molecules with power to change substances by wiping out hydrogens.

How nanoe™ X works

The hydroxyl radical penetrates a viruses protein.

How nanoe™ X works

It takes away a hydrogen atom from the protein.

How nanoe™ X works

Hydroxyl radicals transform the hydrogen to inhibit the virus.