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Mechanism for generating hydroxyl radicals contained in water [Panasonic]

Case studies

#nanoeX in healthcare: To improve protection for patients and staff, the 27 #dental practices that make up the Riverdale Healthcare network in England were equipped with #heatpumps with incorporated nanoe™ X technology. The Panasonic solution installed by Sub-Zero Climate Control inhibits the growth of certain viruses and bacteria as well as helping improve the indoor #airquality by spreading hydroxyl radicals in waiting rooms and surgeries.

Riverdale Dental Practice

In their 115 food stores in Spain, Family Ametller set a priority on a pleasant environment for employees and customers to have a comfortable #shopping experience. Because the fresh products are not stored in #refrigeration, the indoor #airquality at room temperature was a central aspect in their choice of climatization. The high efficiency of the Panasonic premium range with nanoe™ X technology, which they promote through stickers in the #shop windows to show they have taken measures to improve protection and comfort for their customers, performs to meet the needs.

Super market : Ametller Origen

The homeowners featured in today’s case study needed an #airconditioner due to the hot temperatures in their house in Germany. They opted for a Panasonic #heatpump solution that wasn’t only easy to set up but brought with it the advantages of the nanoe™ X technology incorporated within: thanks to its capacity to inhibit certain allergens, the everyday life of the family that suffers from allergies was improved as they now benefit from cleaner air and a better indoor #airquality enabling them to breathe freely.

Home : Goodbye asthma spray

The Dental Clinic Ablis in France was equipped with a #heating and #cooling system featuring the ground-breaking nanoe™ X technology the doctor discovered at the Interclima trade show and was immediately convinced of.
Not only does the solution help improve protection, but it also reduces unpleasant odours from the air, creating a more pleasant environment for everyone in the building. A 90x90 cassette #airconditioning was installed in every surgery room, moving the air in a manner that doesn’t cause any disruption or discomfort. The mini VRF range installed was planned to meet the requirements and impresses with its efficiency and quiet performance.

Improved air quality for patient comfort in a dental clinic

With its capacity to inhibit certain viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odours among other benefits, the nanoe™ X technology incorporated into #heatpumps suited the requirements of the Official Medical Board & Association in Barcelona. The new office was designed to be an inviting place for the doctors, and the climatization solution with nanoe™ X plays a key part.
Elena Basard, specialist doctor for COVID-19, wanted to have an installation that was in accordance with the Spanish regulation with a good mechanical #ventilation and with the proper daily cleaning methods. The #Panasonic technology was installed to improve the indoor air with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals which she is satisfied with.

College of doctors

Panasonic VRF Air Conditioning System - Albert Hotel Case Study

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nanoe™ X Technology inhibits Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

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nanoe™ wins Odours

nanoe™ moisturizes skin and hair

nanoe™ wins Allergens

nanoe™ wins Mould

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