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HD Video Conferencing Unit



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Forget what you know about Video Conferencing … Introducing the Panasonic Full High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC) Solutions.

Panasonic has combined its expertise in providing world leading Plasma and LCD display panels, Full High Definition Professional Broadcast Camera technologies and SIP standards based VoIP technologies to produce a Video Conferencing solution that surpasses all competition in image and voice quality while remaining easy to use. Panasonic HDVC takes Video Conferencing well beyond the boardroom, opening up new exciting opportunities in education, medical, manufacturing, hospitality and arena presentation.

KX-VCPA600EX Video Conference Base Pack

The KX-VCPA600EX Video Conference base pack consists of the KX-VC600EX Main Unit + Full HD Pan/ Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera + Remote Control.

The KX-VC600EX comes equipped for

• Up to 4 Site Connection
• Real Time Full HD 1080p / I Video Quality
• Secondary Camera Connection via HDMI
• Easy User Operation

Full HD Image Quality

The KX-VC600EX Video Conferencing solution has the ability to transmit and receive video in full high definition 1080i, or 1080p. Full high definition can be achieved with a data rate of as little as 1.5 Mbps. This makes for comfortable natural viewing of your colleagues, being able to read body language and face expressions easily. But the power of full high definition is not limited to the boardroom. The KX-VC600EX has been used in medical environments to transmit crystal clear images of detailed medical procedures to students and specialists miles away. In manufacturing Full HD images have been used to convey images and detail of circuit boards to engineers in other countries so they can diagnose issues and improve product, without having to physically lay hands on the equipment.

• Standard Definition from 256Kbps
• High Definition from 768Kbps
• Full High Definition from 1.5 Mbps

High Quality Sound

Great Video Conferencing is more than great images, to be able to communicate efficiently high quality sound is required. The Panasonic KX-VC600EX HDVC unit features full duplex audio in broadband stereo, allowing high quality sound to fill the room with clarity. Smooth natural conversations occur when two people can talk at the same time without interrupting the audio stream of one another, Panasonic's unique echo canceller technology makes this possible.

The KX-VC600EX has the choice of the KX-VCA001 Digital Stereo Boundary Microphone, or the KX-VCA002 Analogue Stereo Boundary Microphone. With the ability to run up to 4 KX-VCA001 Digital Microphones on the KX-VC600EX, large venues can be covered with confidence, that all members of the conversation will be heard.

Panasonic AV-QoS Technology

So how does the Panasonic solution get the images and audio from point A to point B? By tapping into Panasonic's expertise in Voice Over IP (VoIP) technologies, Panasonic have been able to harness the power of the open standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), along with Panasonic’s Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) technologies. These technologies combined result in a communications stream, free of blocking and audio drop outs that are associated with Video Conference equipment of the past.

HDMI Camera Connection

Although the KX-VCPA600EX kit ships with the Full HD Pan / Tilt / Zoom Broadcast Quality Camera, connecting it to the main unit couldn't be easier. With one HDMI cable the Camera is connected. Camera control is achieved via the user friendly navigation pad on the remote and 9 pre-set positions can be configured to make life even easier. The KX-VC600EX also has the ability to connect a secondary (Sub) Camera to give your conference a different point of view. The Sub Camera can be used to give extreme close ups of detailed subject matter and because the Sub Camera connects via HDMI any type of Camera could be used i.e. A Specialist Medical Camera for use inside an Operating Theatre.

NAT Traversal Cloud Service

NAT Traversal Cloud Service

The Panasonic NAT Traversal Cloud Service lets you easily construct a communications environment without the need for any complicated router settings. The NAT Traversal Cloud Service allows for secure encrypted HDVC communication via the internet. This means that HDVC units can be moved from one location to another and connected quickly via an internet connection. The service is very straight forward, you can subscribe to the service for one, or three years by purchasing the additional NAT Traversal licence keys, the HDVC units are then assigned a 7 digit code. The code acts like a telephone number for the unit and by simply dialling the code (either manually, or from a quick dial) the NAT Traversal servers will establish the call to the remote site without the need for public IP addresses or VPN tunnels.


High Quality Video Full HD 1080p/I
Other Brand Device Compatibility and MCU Interoperability
Connect to a Sub-Camera via HDMI to Share Zoom and Still Images

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