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Long-term Durability Test

The air conditioner's main mission is to provide a level of durability that ensures stable operation for many years. In order to achieve this, we conduct a long-term continuous operation test. The results of this test, which is conducted under conditions that are much more severe than actual operating conditions, prove the rugged strength of Panasonic air conditioners.

Compressor Reliability Test

After the continuous operation test, we remove the compressor from a selected outdoor unit, disassemble it, then examine the internal mechanisms and parts for possible failure and durability. Panasonic air conditioners continue to provide their designed performance for many years even after prolonged operation under harsh conditions.

Operating Test in Harsh Conditions

In addition to tests under normal operating conditions, an operating durability test is conducted in a high-temperature, high-humidity test chamber at a temperature up to 55°C. For use in extremely cold climates, the test is also conducted in a low-temperature test chamber down to -20°C. These tests are conducted to see if there is sufficient lubrication inside the compressor under various operating conditions.

Waterproof Test

The outdoor unit, which is subject to rain and wind, is provided with IPX4 waterproof compliance. Potential problems are checked by tests such as showering the unit for a predetermined amount of time. Contact sections on printed circuit boards are also resin-potted to prevent adverse effects caused by an unlikely exposure to droplets of water.