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International Standard Quality


Reliable Parts with Leading Industrial Standards Approval

Panasonic air conditioners comply with all necessary leading industrial standards and regulations required for the market in each country. We also conduct a variety of tests to examine the quality of materials used in the parts to maintain high reliability for our products. These tests and industrial standards together with our own internal standards, which are even more severe, make Panasonic air conditioners more reliable.

RoHS/REACH Compliant Parts

All parts and materials comply with RoHS/REACH, Europe's world-leading environmental regulations. Stringent inspections of more than 100 types of materials are conducted to ensure that no hazardous substances are included during parts development and production.

Sophisticated Production Process

The air conditioner production line employs advanced, state-of-the-art factory automation technologies to produce products with higher reliability. Products are efficiently manufactured with high and uniform quality.

Eco Activities

Panasonic has set up eco-friendly factories around the globe. While developing and manufacturing energy-saving products using original environmental technologies, these factories reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing processes and conduct
regional-based environmental communication activities to contribute to both the global environment and the local communities in which they serve.