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Shock Resistance


Drop Test

Even with the large impacts that may occur due to improper handling during transportation, the product packaging has been strengthened to prevent it from being damaged. In addition to conventional vertical dropping, more severe conditions in which the sides, edges, or corners hit the ground first are tested to ensure that the product's rigidity and shock-absorbing materials prevent damage.

Vibration Test

Preventing damage that would hinder the product's performance due to vibration during transportation is another major role of the packaging. A test is conducted to confirm that the product operates properly even after applying vibrations in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Warehouse Stacking Test

During distribution, products may be subjected to extended warehouse storage under unfavourable conditions. To simulate these conditions, we place a weight equal to a stack of five product packages on top of the test package, and leave it in that condition in a room at a temperature of 27°C and a humidity level of 85%. After undergoing this simulation test, the product is checked for proper operation.*