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Sound Bar SC-HTB690GN

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Set TV Sound Free

This 3.1-channel high-quality sound system produces a rich sound field and crisp, clear dialogue. It also supports 4K/60P Signal Pass Through for easy 4K content listening.


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Enjoy a cinema-like experience at home with clear and dynamic sound

Turn your TV into a cinema with this multi-channel soundbar

Three speakers in the soundbar and a powerful wireless subwoofer are combined to produce a stunningly clear, rich, and rounded soundstage. Experience a more dynamic and immersive experience.

Experience sound as it was meant to be heard

Beautifully Balanced Music and Movies

This flagship soundbar truly goes the extra mile to improve sound quality from all your sources. Its speakers are shaped to suppress distortions and the feature drivers are designed to enhance bass, while a new amp removes the sound quality fluctuations often heard at high-volumes.

Lots of bass from not much space

Down Firing Subwoofer

By positioning the driver so it’s facing the floor, the latest Panasonic wireless subwoofer can produce a much more rounded, powerful bass sound than you would normally expect from such a compact design.


Sound Bar SC-HTB690GN
Enjoy Dynamic TV Sound
350W, 3.1ch, Clear-mode Dialog
Enjoy TV, Cinema and Music
Simple and Stylish Design
55mm Height

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Get Inspired - Sound Bar SC-HTB690GN
Get Inspired - Sound Bar SC-HTB690GN

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