Panasonic Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology

Panasonic's Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology does the thinking for you by controlling the SR-DE103WST's cooking temperature according to the amount of food in the pan. Advanced Fuzzy Logic Control creates a variety of versatile cooking menus and makes cooking easier and more convenient than ever before.

Versatile Cooking Modes

Much more than just a simple Rice Cooker,
the SR-DE103WST has an impressive 8 pre-programmed cooking settings, right at your fingertips:
• White Rice
• Steam
• Quick Cook (Rapid 15min Rice)
• Brown Rice
• Sticky Rice
• Slow Cook
• Porridge
• Cake

Cake Baking Function

A powerful Micro-Computer & Double Heater System within the
SR-DE183WST Multi Cooker makes baking a cake easy. The clever
combination of top and bottom heating elements produces superior baking
results while the built-in micro-computer determines the optimum
cooking time and temperature for perfect results.

Easy to Use and Even Easier to Keep Clean

The large LCD display panel on the SR-DE103WST is also extremely user-friendly. It has a handy preset timer* that can be set up to 24 hours in advance so your food will be ready to eat when you are. Simply press the reheat key**, and after approximately 5 minutes, the food being kept warm becomes hotter. After the cooking is done, the non-stick inner pan is exceptionally easy to remove & clean.

Built for comfort and with you in mind, the SR-DE103WST features a new slanted design, which means you won't have to bend down as much as you would with other conventional Multi Cookers.

* Porridge Cooking Timer and Preset Timer can be used at the same time.
** Please note this function cannot be used with food already hot enough (immediately after cooking), or cold food (after the warming function has been switched off).


Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
8 Versatile Cooking Modes
1.0L Capacity


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Operating Instructions
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