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Cool & Creamy Avocado

Cool & Creamy Avocado

Rich, velvety avocado dessert.
Soft freezing makes avocado into a creamy texture.

Convenience of -3°C Prime Fresh
Soft Frozen Texture, Easy to Scoop
Cool & Creamy Avocado

* This recipe requires Prime Fresh.

Cooking Time1 hoursDifficulty:Easy


  • 1avocado
  • 2 tbspcondensed milk



Remove the avocado seed and skin, and mash the avocado.


Add the condensed milk and mix it, then place it into Prime Fresh.


Mix it well, then place it into a serving dish.


Prime Fresh

Cooking Tips Using -3°C Soft Freezing

Prime Fresh is not meant to preserve fruits and vegetables but can transform them into appetizers and desserts with unique textures through soft freezing. Add a little sweetness to avocado and soft freeze to enjoy a completely new avocado dessert similar to ice cream. This dessert is an easy treat to make with your kids.

Soft Frozen Texture

Fruits soft frozen have delicious new textures neither refrigerated nor frozen.

Soft Frozen Texture

Easy to Scoop

You can easily scoop out just the desired amount of soft frozen cooked food.