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Advantages of the LUMIX G AF System

Advantages of the LUMIX G AF System

Ever since it was first developed, the LUMIX G has continued to improve upon its auto focusing performance.

High Precision & High Speed AF

Contrast AF with DFD Technology*

Panasonic has achieved unprecedented levels of auto focusing precision and speed by incorporating DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology into the already accurate Contrast AF system. Contrast AF with DFD technology attains high-speed auto focusing of 0.07** seconds and enables burst shooting with AF tracking at approximately 7 fps. Being able to accurately follow a moving subject makes for smoother AF video shooting.

*Contrast AF with DFD Technology works only with Panasonic Micro Four Thirds Lenses.
** In AFS (Auto Focus Single), with H-FS14140 or H-HS12035


LUMIX GH4's Enhanced AF Performance Using DFD Technology


Ultra-Fast 0.07-Sec*
Auto Focus Single

DFD technology achieves high-speed 0.07-sec auto
focusing. The benefits of this improvement grow as the
focal length increases. No more missing those fleeting
shutter chances.

* In AFS (Auto Focus Single), with H-FS14140 or H-HS12035


High-Speed Burst Shooting
with AF Tracking

DFD technology improves subject tracking performance.
It allows burst shooting at approximately 7 fps, for
accurate focusing on a fast-moving subject.


Smooth Tracking of Moving Subjects
in Videos and Photos

Reduced searching and improved tracking performance
provide fast, high-precision focusing even during video

Engine Processing Isolated from the Sensor Eliminates Image Degradation

The newly advanced engine brings even higher performance to Contract AF with DFD
Technology. The distance to the subject is directly measured based on the image
captured by the image sensor, so focusing is always accurate. Because this system
eliminates the need to use part of the sensor for distance measurement, there is no
image degradation. It makes a noticeable difference in video image quality.

AF Technology Supporting High Precision


Accurate Contrast AF

The Contrast AF system searches for the highest contrast condition (the in-focus
condition) while the lens is being moved. In other words, focusing is always accurate.


Full-Area Focusing for Flexible Focusing on Any Point

The LUMIX G incorporates full-area focusing to let you focus on any point in the field of
view. You can even focus precisely on the edge of the frame.

Usable in More Situations

Great for Shooting in Dark Places — Low Light AF

The LUMIX G catches all kinds of shooting opportunities, even in dark places. This gains higher performance in -4EV* low-lit
situations, which are as dark as a starry sky with no other light source.

* -3EV for the DMC-GH3, G6, GF6.


The focus indicator flashes, and auto focusing is not possible.


This also lets you take images of children or pets without giving them a shock of AF Assist Lamp.

Great for Shooting Videos


Smooth Focusing

With the LUMIX G, wobbling is fast and fine, so AF is smooth and precise.


Silent Focusing

A high-speed, silent motor is used in the lens. This prevents the entry of drive noise to
achieve high-speed, silent AF.

Versatile Control

Versatile AF Mode


49-area AF

The focus detection area is increased from the
conventional 23 points to 49 for more flexible composition.


Custom Multi AF

Custom Multi mode lets you freely select blocks to focus
on from 49 focusing areas.


Face / Eye Detection AF

In addition to the conventional Face Detection AF, the
Face/Eye Detection AF automatically focuses on your
subject's face or eye.


Seamless 1-area AF

Now the 1-area AF area can be seamlessly magnified not only in manual focus but also in auto focus mode.


Advanced Tracking AF

The camera locks on and automatically "tracks" the
subject continuously. New Tracking AF is advanced in the
point of tracking accuracy.


Pinpoint AF

More precise auto focusing by further enlarging the
focusing area. Display time is selectable.

Selectable Focus Mode

AFF (Auto Focus Flexible)

The focus mode AFF (AF Flexible) locks on the focus when shutter button is
half-pressed, however, if the subject moves, the focusing is reset to get the best results.

AFC (Auto Focus Continuous)

The camera automatically focuses on a moving subject.
This is especially convenient when shooting a sports event or when shooting from a moving vehicle.

AFS (Auto Focus Single)

The focus is fixed when the shutter button is pressed
halfway. This provides extra convenience when shooting
stationary objects or scenery.

MF (Manual Focus)

Manual Focus can be selected when you want to finely
adjust the focusing position or when a vintage lens is


Focus Peaking

Focus Peaking function shows the peak of focus in MF
and AF+MF mode. You can see the focus position while
monitoring the subject in live view. It is also available in
remote photo / video shooting with smartphone / tablet via Wi-Fi®.*

* Not available for DMC-GH3, GF6, G6.


MF Assist

This function enlarges its magnification range up to 10x in 0.1x steps. In addition to the MF ring control, cursor operation is available.


AF + MF Function

The AF+MF function provides more efficient, more precise focusing. After focusing with AF, simply turn the focus ring manually for even finer control.


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