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LUMIX GH6 Early Bird Promotion

LUMIX GH6 Early Bird Promotion

LUMIX GH6 Early Bird Promotion

Receive a free CFexpress card and 2-year guarantee extension with a purchase of the new LUMIX GH6 camera!

Purchase an eligible LUMIX GH6 camera¹ from a Panasonic authorised retailer between 22th February 2022 – 18th June 2022, and register the product between 15th March 2022 – 30th June 2022 to receive a free Lexar® Professional CFexpress™ Type B GOLD Series Card 128GB and free 2-year guarantee extension (3-year guarantee in total) for your new LUMIX GH6.

How it works:

1. Buy a new LUMIX GH6 camera from an authorised retailer

1. Buy a new LUMIX GH6 camera from an authorised retailer

Purchase a LUMIX GH6 camera (DC-GH6E, DC-GH6LE, DC-GH6ME) from a Panasonic authorised retailer between 22th February 2022 – 18th June 2022.

2. Get your Lexar® Professional CFexpress™ card and personal guarantee extension certificate

2. Register your new GH6 camera to receive the free gifts

Submit your claim by completing registration form from 15th March until 30th June 2022. Applications made after 30.06.2022 will not be eligible for the Promotion.

Please provide following information for LUMIX GH63:

  • Shipping address (in My Panasonic Account, under "My Profile" section)
  • Retailer name & date of purchase
  • Purchase receipt & serial number
3. Job done. Your CFexpress card & Guarantee certificate will be delivered soon. Print and store your guarantee certificate

3. Job done. Your gifts will be delivered to you shortly

3.1 Guarantee certificate

Once your purchase was successfully registered, we will send you a guarantee certificate for LUMIX GH6 camera via email. Please store it together with the buying receipt.

3.2 CFexpress card

Upon registration you will receive an email including a button, which you need to click to confirm your participation in this Promotion and claim your Lexar® Professional CFexpress™ Type B GOLD Series card 128GB.

The delivery of the CFexpress card will take place within 2 months after expiry of the Claim Period.

By participating in this campaign, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

¹Eligible LUMIX cameras: LUMIX DC-GH6E, DC-GH6LE, DC-GH6ME
²Promotion valid while Gift stock lasts.
³If you purchase DC-GH6LE or DC-GH6ME please register your kit (containing body and lens) together under DC-GH6LE or DC-GH6ME name, single registrations of body and kit lens separately will be not accepted.

Eligible cameras:




Benefits of LUMIX PRO

The LUMIX GH6 is a qualifying product for the LUMIX PRO programme. The LUMIX PRO programme is designed to support LUMIX users when they need it the most, with a range of benefits available to members not only in their own countries but also in countries that they visit for work. Check out for details and Terms & Conditions, on eligible levels, countries and products.

Benefits of LUMIX PRO

Priority turn-around times on your service and repair requests

A dedicated hotline number for LUMIX PRO in your country

Call your LUMIX PRO Services to arrange pick-up for your service or repair


Manage your claim process

Manage your claim process

Experiencing an issue with your claim process:



Experiencing an issue with your LUMIX product?

The guarantee of Lexar® Professional CFexpress™ card is not covered by Panasonic. If you have any inquiries please contact:

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