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Creating the Perfect Clipper Cut

Creating the Perfect Clipper Cut

Using great men’s hair clippers, you can create your ideal hairstyle at home and save on hair cutting costs

Creating the Perfect Clipper Cut

Historically, men’s hair styling was a case of one size fits all. You would go along to the salon or barber and choose a hairstyle worn by nearly every man you passed in the street. Luckily, men’s fashion has evolved and men today have much more flexibility over their personal style. Team this with advances in grooming technology and you have the opportunity not only to choose a unique style but to create it yourself. If you’re nervous about taking control of clippers for the first time, don’t be. We have all the information you need to create a professional looking hairstyle at home, below.


First things first, you are going to need a set of high-quality, electric hair clippers. The better the quality, the more precision and polish you can create in your hairstyle. The ER-SC40 Professional Hair Clipper from Panasonic is the great choice. With an ultra high speed linear motor , advanced comb shaped blades and cordless technology, it puts you in control of your personal style. 

It’s also useful to have a comb, hairdressing scissors, spray bottle filled with water and towels handy. You should also keep a portable vacuum cleaner close at hand to keep any mess and stray hair under control. 

It’s incredibly frustrating to get part way through a haircut and realise you have forgotten a key piece of equipment so make sure you have everything to hand before you start.


You need to choose the right space to get started. The ideal spot should have a mirror, plenty of light and a power outlet (if you aren’t using a cordless hair clipper like the ER-GP21 or the ER-SC40). Cover your clothes and neck with a towel if you are concerned about stray hair.

It’s also essential that you choose a style before you start clipping. This isn’t something to decide as you cut. In fact, an unstructured approach usually leads to a clipping disaster. Deciding on a style should include thinking about your face shape and what cuts are going to be suitable for your professional and personal style. If you’re new to clipping your own hair, it is sensible to start with a low complexity style to begin with. You can progress to more complex looks as you get to grips with how your clippers feel and react.

Clipper Cut Styles

There is a huge spectrum of styles that can be created with men’s hair clippers. From a traditional buzz cut to more intricate undercut or stylish Mohawk - you are limited by only your imagination and skill. The good news is that an online tutorial exists for almost every cut you can imagine. This means you can spend time familiarising yourself with the cut you choose before you start to trim. Stuck for clipper cut inspiration? Check out the ideas below to find your perfect look.

Clipping Tips

A few simple rules can help you elevate your clipper cutting technique. Try these straightforward tips to help you create the perfect clipper cut:

• Dampen your hair with water before you cut – this will make it easier to control and trim. Continue to dampen as you cut to maintain control.

• Always cut in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remember this can change around your head. To check the direction of growth run your fingers through a section of hair and note the direction of least resistance.

• Get to know your electric hair clippers. Play around with turning them on and off, manoeuvring them and adjusting guards before you get anywhere near your hair. This will give you greater confidence when you start to cut.

• The back of your head is the trickiest part of your cut to get right. Use an additional mirror to keep your style on point.

• Don’t forget your hairline – use a razor or clippers to create clean lines around your face. 

• Use a diagram or online tutorial as a style reference while you cut.

• Take your time – rushing your haircut will lead to mistakes and a less polished result.

Make your haircut as individual as you are. Invest in the new ER-SC40 wet & dry hair clipper and start creating your own style rules. 

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