Panasonic’s MZ980 OLED TV brings Hollywood into the home with blockbuster performance

Panasonic’s MZ980 OLED TV brings Hollywood into the home with blockbuster performance
  • Elevate your viewing experience with Panasonic’s beautifully bright OLED panel.
  • Enjoy Hollywood-level blockbuster cinematic viewing at home and Dolby Atmos® sound.
  • Explore gaming universes like never before with epic speed and resolution.
  • Available in 42-, 48-, and 55-inch sizes to suit any setup.

Delivering a Hollywood-standard OLED performance with superb brightness, flawless contrast, and impeccable detail, Panasonic’s new MZ980 4K Ultra HD TV represents a step up for movie and gaming fans alike.

Echoing the brand’s flagship MZ2000 model, the MZ980 boasts an extraordinary HDR images, alongside a host of proprietary picture processing, gaming, and audio improvements.

Engineered using decades of Japanese technical know-how, Panasonic creates natural, authentic scenes where colour bursts through the screen, and black really is black.

Available in 42-, 48-, 55-inch sizes, the MZ980 is a must-have TV for picture quality enthusiasts, gamers, and general viewers who want the benefits of OLED performance and maybe already have a separate sound system.


Brightness and contrast with control are everything when it comes to delivering the best HDR picture – and with MZ980, Panasonic delivers great OLED performance.

Developed in Japan, Panasonic’s latest OLED panel module offers the silky blacks and stunning brightness needed to give HDR content breath-taking clarity and intensity, making at-home movie nights as thrilling as a trip to the cinema. Meanwhile, the HCX Pro AI Processor instantly analyses the picture, refining colour accuracy, contrast, and clarity to ensure even the fastest-moving action scenes look flawlessly natural.

Whatever you’re watching, Panasonic’s innovative Auto AI feature will analyse the incoming signal and instantly adjust picture and sound settings for sport, live music, film scenes, and more. Meanwhile, the Streaming 4K Remaster algorithm identifies the resolution and analyses textures by area to deliver more detailed, cleaner images for crisp streamed content.

As with previous models, the MZ980 supports a wide range of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ®1, and HDR10+ Adaptive.


For truly authentic cinema, the MZ980 features an improved Filmmaker Mode that ensures that viewers can enjoy their content exactly as the artist intended – whether they’re watching in a purpose-built cinema room or an airy family living space.

Using ambient colour temperature sensing, Filmmaker Mode ensures accurate picture reproduction in any lighting conditions; for example, by lowering the temperature in response to warmly lit conditions or brightening the dark tones in extremely bright environments.

Impeccable vision is nothing without an audio performance to match. Panasonic’s Theatre Surround Pro delivers truly dynamic sound that transports you from your sofa to the heart of the action, whether you’re watching a film or engrossed in a game.

With a wide selection of sound modes to choose from, the MZ980 delivers deep bass and crystal-clear dialogue, whatever kind of content you’re watching. Meanwhile, Dolby Atmos® elevates movies and games that envelopes you in a remarkably rich world of sound.


To fully immerse in the rapidly developing gaming universe, gamers have traditionally turned to monitors to explore intricate 3D worlds. Now, they can experience all the latest consoles and PCs have to offer on their TV with the MZ980, with Panasonic’s True Game Mode.

To ensure every title looks its best, the new True Game Mode brings all the colour accuracy features available for movies into the world of gaming, while improved HDR Tone Mapping delivers source-oriented expression from the gaming device. In addition, True Game Mode is calibratable and shows the Calman Calibrated logo after adjustment with Portrait Displays’ Calman® Color calibration software – the de facto standard in the world of content creation, distribution, and playback. This means True Game Mode reproduces games as intended by their creators. Meanwhile, Dolby Vision® unlocks the most lifelike visuals each game has to offer2.

Always ready for action, the MZ980’s advanced OLED panel offers all the benefits of HDMI 2.1, including full 4K resolution, a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, ultra-low latency and input lag, VRR, and AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology3. The result? Games with epic speed, smooth motion, and new levels of realism – without the need for a separate monitor.

The MZ980 is also NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible. When connected to a system using a NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card, it automatically optimises input lag and VRR settings for tear- and stutter-free gaming sessions, on a TV validated by NVIDIA. 

Bringing new layers of intensity to every gaming session, the MZ980 comes with new gaming sound modes, that allow players to lose themselves in whatever universe they’re exploring.

Available to set up in the MZ980’s upgraded Game Control Board, RPG (Role-Playing Game) Sound Mode is designed to make users feel as though they are submerged inside the game’s virtual world, while FPS (First-Person Shooter) Mode provides helps users sense where other players are through surround sound, allowing users to hear subtle sounds such as footsteps for a tactical advantage.


The MZ980 features the latest iteration of Panasonic’s impressive smart TV OS, my Home Screen 8.0, which supports all major video streaming services and comes with improvements to the accessibility features and the myScenery function.

Panasonic has worked with the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted to further improve our accessibility options. In the initial set up, the MZ980 offers different setting options for both hearing and visually impaired users, which then can be guided through the initial setup by Voice Guidance to simplify the first time installation of the Panasonic TV. In addition, it provides a function for visually impaired users to learn the buttons by audible feedback.4

As well as offering these important accessibility improvements, the MZ980 can also be used as a relaxation tool. The myScenery feature, which allows you to choose a selection of restful images and videos5, has new nature sounds, which have been collected from all over the world by the Joy Foundation, inc.6 and newly encoded in Dolby Atmos®.

You can control the MZ980 using just your voice with Alexa built-in7 or Google Assistant-enabled devices8.


Panasonic makes TV reception extremely flexible with the MZ980 and uses the convenient Penta Tuner with Twin function, providing five different options for advanced broadcast reception. Only available from Panasonic, it’s perfectly equipped for all conceivable TV reception paths today, including DVB-C (cable reception), DVB-S (via satellite), DVB-T (traditional out/indoor antenna), TV to IP, and IPTV.

For the reception of cable, satellite and antenna, the twin concept offers a first-class experience, with the ability to watch one programme live while a second is recorded on a connected external USB hard disk. Meanwhile, two CI slots allow for the decoding of paid TV programmes. During installation, the TV automatically detects and selects which signal source is connected.

It also allows for TV to IP, receiving all TV programmes from the home network via a server, as well as IPTV, which streams content directly from the Internet.

With IPTV, the HbbTV Operator App Standard9 provides part of the TV user interface, combining terrestrial TV programmes with online content and automatically activating the app of the HbbTV operator every time the TV is switched on.

1 Dolby, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
2 Only available with 60Hz.
3 AMD FreeSync/FreeSync Premium/FreeSync Premium Pro technology requires AMD Radeon graphics and a display certified by AMD. See for complete details. Confirm capability with your system or display manufacturer before purchase. GD-127
4 Europe and UK only.
5 In collaboration with LoungeV Studio (
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9 Only available in selected countries.

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