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Brakes India Private Limited

Brakes India Private Limited

India's leading energy-saving company chose Panasonic because of its superior COP

Brakes India Private Limited is India's largest manufacturer of braking systems for four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles, boasting a history of more than half a century. With a world-class foundry producing more than 75,000 tons of steel castings, it serve clients like Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, VW, Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Daimler and MAN. Brakes is a highly energy conscious company and has won several energy conservation awards in India, and the company has highly evaluated and adopted the Panasonic FSV-EX for its excellent Coefficient of Performance (COP).
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Air Conditioning System: FSV-EX Series: 16 outdoor units
City / Country: Chennai, India

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