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nanoe™ Air Purifier F-VXK70A with HEPA Filter and Humidifying Function



nanoe™ Humidifier Clean, Healthy, and Comfortable

Powerful, humidifying air purifier with Panasonic's nanoe™ technology and HEPA filter, reaching up to 52m² to deliver a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment.
  • nanoe™
  • Direct Front Suction
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Air Purification with nanoe™

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) water particle containing many hydroxyl radicals. A nanoe™ device releases these water particles to effectively inhibit viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens.
Air Purification with nanoe™

Collects Fine Dust as Well

Keeps spaces clean by removing ≧ 99.97%*of 0.3μm particles. In addition, it contains 3 innovative technologies.
*Removal performance of filter only. Performance for a whole house would be different.
Collects Fine Dust as Well

Keep 30cm Under the Floor Clean

Different types of contaminants appear in the room. In general, the 30cm above the floor, where air pollution is said to accumulate, is the living space for babies and pets. In response, Direct Front Suction creates strong front airflow to capture dust that floats between 0cm to 30cm above the floor.
Keep 30cm Under the Floor Clean

3D Circulation Airflow Keeps Room Air Clean

Various types of pollutants appear at different heights between the ceiling and the floor in a room. In response, the 3D circulation airflow has two modes - “Side airflow” and “Front airflow” - to remove pollutants accordingly.
3D Circulation Airflow Keeps Room Air Clean

Save Energy Intelligently

ECONAVI works intelligently with your air purifier to learn your daily life patterns and automatically eliminate pollutants before they spread. This means unnecessary airflow is minimised and you get to enjoy greater energy savings.
Save Energy Intelligently

Clean Up Before Pollution Spread

With no human activity sensor, air purification starts when pollutants are detected in the air. With the human activity sensor, air purification starts as soon as a human is detected, so the air in the room can be cleaned quickly before pollen, viruses, dust, and other air pollutants are spread by people moving.
Clean Up Before Pollution Spread

Air Quality Can Always Be Seen

The PM2.5 and odour indicator lets you to see the air quality easily, and in real-time.
Air Quality Can Always Be Seen



Photo of F-VXK70A

Applicable area: 52m² (566ft²)


HEPA composite filter

Super nanotechnology deodorizing filter

Sensors: Dirt / Odour / Humidity / Human activity / Light


Applicable Area (m²) 52
Tank Capacity (L) 3.5
Dimensions (mm) H 636 x W 398 x D 265
Weight (kg) 10.2
Air Purifying Air Volume (m³/min) High 6.7
Medium 2.7
Low 1.1
Power Consumption (W) High 66
Medium 11
Low 6
Noise (dB[A]) High 54
Medium 33
Low 18
Air Purifying & Humidifying Humidifying Capacity (mL/h) High 700
Medium 400
Low 250
Air Volume (m³/min) High 6.3
Medium 3.1
Low 1.9
Power Consumption (W) High 58
Medium 25
Low 10
Noise (dB[A]) High 53
Medium 36
Low 25