Does your nursing home share these problems?

Heightened family anxiety

Growing concerns from residents and families about hygiene

Increased hygiene management demands

A seemingly endless list of cleaning and hygiene management tasks

The need for temperature control

Rooms requiring separate air conditioning depending on their size and function

Tackle these challenges and transform
your nursing home environment with Panasonic

Show that you care

Attract and retain residents by investing in advanced air purification equipment.

Protect your staff

An air purification system takes care of airborne and surface pollutants, helping staff manage the cleanliness of your nursing home.

Save time and resources

Smart multisite control solution from Panasonic save you time and make it easy to improve the quality of your environment.

Smart multisite control solution from Panasonic save you time and make it easy to improve the quality of your environment.

Treat every room to quality air

Visiting areas

Keep your frequently used visiting areas clean with a combination of ziaino™, nanoe™ X, and ERV. These work together to inhibit airborne pollutants, surface adherence, and CO₂ build-up.


Panasonic’s Supply fan with IAQ controller automatically control CO₂ and PM2.5 levels, whilst nanoe™ X inhibits pollutants, so residents can enjoy their rooms in comfort.

Dining room

ziaino™ keeps your dining room smelling fresh with powerful deodorisation, whilst ERV technology manages CO₂ levels with controlled air supply and exhaust.

Shared bathrooms

nanoe™ X efficiently suppresses odours in shared bathrooms, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Remote management for ultimate convenience

Easy remote controls

With Panasonic AC smart cloud, staff can easily check and adjust the temperature settings for each room from one PC or tablet. Now, sudden changes in weather don’t need to interrupt break time.

Floor plans for unified control

With multiple air conditioners to manage throughout your nursing home, it’s easy to lose track. Panasonic AC smart cloud provides an intuitive interface for adjusting your entire system.

Night shifts made easier

With fewer staff working at night, it’s important to have all your air-conditioning controls wherever you are. Panasonic AC smart cloud lets you easily check and adjust every unit via a PC or tablet.

Planning the best installation for your nursing home

4-way cassette



Supply fan +
IAQ controller

Ventilation fan

Outdoor Unit

VRF Outdoor Unit

Focused Ventilation and air conditioning

Performance score

Bacteria and virus inhibition:


CO₂ concentration:






Ease of installation:


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