Ideal air quality environment at restaurant

Does your restaurant share these problems?

Struggling to maintain cleanliness?

With many diners visiting your restaurant, daily hygiene management can be difficult to keep up with.

Properly ventilate your restaurant

Are you prepared to deal with bad odours that can distress your guests?

Difficult to control your environment?

Can you manage the temperature in your restaurant to prevent your diners’ distress?

Tackle these challenges and enhance your restaurant environment with Panasonic

Panasonic’s Air Clean technology

Panasonic’s clean technology inhibits certain viruses in the air and on surfaces leading to a safe restaurant

Keeping your air fresh and odour free

Our technologies freshen your air without sacrificing your temperature control

Giving you complete control

With Panasonic’s AC Smart Cloud app, you can easily control air quality from anywhere

Treat every space to quality air


Keep your restaurant’s busy entrance pristine with ziaino™, nanoe™ x and ERV. Their combined technology inhibits pollutants in the air and on surfaces as well as stopping CO2 buildup.

Dining Area

ziaino™ keeps your dining area fresh and free from odours, while ERV technology effectively manages CO2 levels.


nanoe™ X keeps your bathrooms odour-free, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Kitchen & pantry

While a ventilation fan can remove smoke and cooking smells, nanoe™ X  works non-stop to inhibit any lingering odours for a cleaner kitchen.

Remote management for ultimate convenience

Easy Remote Control

With Panasonic AC Smart Cloud, staff can check & adjust the temperature from just one central computer or mobile devices. Forgot to turn off the air-conditioning? With remote control, you won’t have to worry.

Predictive Servicing

No need to worry about a sudden breakdown getting in the way of your diners’ comfort. Panasonic AC Service Cloud’s regular health checks let you know when repairs are needed.

Planning the best installation for your restaurant

4-way cassette



Cabinet fan

Note: Models may vary by country or region.

Ventilation fan

VRF Outdoor Unit

Focused Ventilation and air conditioning

Performance score

Bacteria and virus inhibition:


CO₂ concentration:






Ease of installation:


Find a design built just for you

Our experts are waiting to design the best installation for your Restaurant.

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