Daily Hair Care

It would seem that there is no end to the kinds of problems that women have with their hair, starting with dryness, inability to maintain a hairstyle, and the increasing spread of split ends. Actually, the cause of these problems might be due to your customary hair care. Let's get a better understanding about how your hair can be easily damaged by daily hair care habits, and then learn how to repair and protect.

Solve Your Hair Problems and Flaunt Beautiful Hair

You know that there are problems with your hair, but you don't know the cause. As a result, you don't know how to solve the problems. By learning the causes, you can find out what kind of hair care you should start using from today on. Let's see how we can make your hair more beautiful!

What Worries You about Your Hair?

I'm getting more and more split ends.

Problem for your damage hair

Frictional Damage

Do you forcibly brush tangled hair or run a comb through your hair while it's still wet? Simple things like this can damage your hair. Friction can peel off the cuticles and lead to problems with split ends and hair breakage.

Recommended items for solving hair problems

Hair Brush

Plastic hair brushes generate static electricity, increasing dryness by rubbing the hair together with friction. A brush with natural animal bristles, which resist the generation of static electricity, is recommended.

My hair is dry and parched.

Problem for your damage hair

UV Damage

Are you using hair care to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays all day long? After all, your scalp is directly struck by UV rays. Without any protection, the moisture and nutrients inside the hair are increasingly lost and the hair gets drier and drier.

Recommended items for solving hair problems


Physically blocking UV rays is the best way to protect your hair. A brim that is 10 centimeters or more, and a dark color such as black or blue, are effective.

My scalp itches and doesn't smell good.

Problem for your damage hair

A Poor Scalp Environment

Do you let your hair dry naturally after showering? Leaving your scalp wet for a long period makes it easier for a variety of bacteria to breed, leading to unpleasant odors, an itchy scalp, and split ends.

Recommended items for solving hair problems

Almond Oil

Almond oil is effective for moisturizing the scalp. Put it onto your scalp before showering, and gently massage the scalp with it.

Perfect Solution to the Problems without Using Various Products

Panasonic Hair Dryer

The Secrets Lies on nanoe™ Technology

Panasonic’s own nanoe™ technology takes care of your cuticles and keeps your hair abundantly moisturized. It also protects your hair from damage hair such as friction or UV, while preventing your scalp from getting dry. This is an innovative dryer that takes care of your hair while drying it.