Find Out the Nutrition You Need

Daily dose of fruits and vegetable will keep you glowing and healthy. Discover which type of nutrition fits your needs based on the symptom that you feel.

What Problem Do You Have?

  • Occasional overeating
  • Constipated
  • Has skin problems
  • Feeling tired lately
  • Accumulated stress

Need Fibre

For those who worry about overeating and constipation, juices rich in dietary fibre are recommended. Dietary fibre regulates the function of the intestines, refreshes the stomach, and relieves skin problems.

Recommended ingredients: carrot, celery, lettuce, avocado, raspberry

Recommended juicer: Blender

Need Vitamin

For those who have skin-related problems, juices rich in vitamins are recommended. Vitamins improve your metabolism and make your skin firm and healthy. Vitamins also burn calories effectively.

Recommended ingredients: paprika, cabbage, pineapple, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit

Recommended juicer: Slow Juicer

Need Mineral

For those who feel stressed and tired, juices rich in various minerals are recommended. Minerals help you relax and also have a detoxifying effect. This will help eliminate fatigue from your body.

Recommended ingredients: spinach, cucumber, melon, banana, nuts

Recommended juicer: Juicer, Slow Juicer

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