Your Career Roadmap

"People are the foundation of business. Making people before making products."
Throughout the history, Panasonic has consistently placed priority on human resource development based on this philosophy, which is why all Panasonic citizens are informed and entitled to a way up the career ladder.

Career Roadmap

The roadmap demonstrates development stages in terms of your working grade or title. Thus, Panasonic citizens are aware of opportunities for advancement. For example, in the beginning level, you begin to learn the most basic working skills. Training also provides a fundamental part in your development which is one of our competitive edges.

Your Growth

Training Structure

Besides a citizen-focused career roadmap, we incorporate customized training courses to enhance and improve different skills and knowledge, as we understand that growth and development of a business cannot be realized without the development of people. Our citizens are committed to personal and professional development and fulfillment.

Learn about the basic approach of human resources and employee training and development.

Your Future Colleagues

Le Dung

R&D Manager – Panasonic Appliances Vietnam

Year 2013 opened a new door for me as I received my offer at Panasonic Appliances Vietnam. At the same time, my colleagues and I traveled to headquarter in Japan for our specialized training in research and development for Panasonic's washing machine and refrigerator product.

When I return to Vietnam, my heart is full of wonderful memories about Japan, and of aspiration to create excellent products that fit local consumers' preference, contributed to better living quality.

At Panasonic Appliances Vietnam, we embrace team work culture. If you are a young engineer joining our team, you are guaranteed the most considerate support and plenty of room for team bonding. Our employees are well taken care of in terms of transportation, health and well-being,... Training courses are held frequently in Vietnam and abroad for more exposure. I believe that, if you are looking for a long term career opportunity to develop expert technical skills, you should look no further.


Software Engineer – Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam

My passion for science and technology has brought me to Hanoi University of Science and Technology, one of the top technical universities in Vietnam. Majored in Information System, I aspire to create excellent products of my own.

By my final year, my friends and I shared the same journey, to explore long term career opportunities in a professional working environment, and to seek further development in our field. I was not aware I could find everything right next to me!

By December 2016, I applied for Talented Engineers Program collaborated between my university and Panasonic. By July 2017, I officially became a member of Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam’s family after a short training trip in Japan.

Despite my first fumble at work, my colleagues were extremely helpful in getting me familiar with my job as a mobile developer. The company also help its employees in balancing work and life by introducing flexible time. While being able to arrange for my personal events, I can also guarantee my work progress. Soft skills training courses are held monthly too, such as communication skill, time management skill… Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam is certainly a great place for IT engineers who are seeking both personal and professional development.