Your Career Roadmap

"People are the foundation of business. Making people before making products."
Throughout the history, Panasonic has consistently placed priority on human resource development based on this philosophy, which is why all Panasonic citizens are informed and entitled to a way up the career ladder.

Career Roadmap

The roadmap demonstrates development stages in terms of your working grade or title. Thus, Panasonic citizens are aware of opportunities for advancement. For example, in the beginning level, you begin to learn the most basic working skills. Training also provides a fundamental part in your development which is one of our competitive edges.

Your Growth

Training Structure

Besides a citizen-focused career roadmap, we incorporate customized training courses to enhance and improve different skills and knowledge, as we understand that growth and development of a business cannot be realized without the development of people. Our citizens are committed to personal and professional development and fulfillment.

Your Future Colleagues

Le Dung

Mr. Le Huy Thanh Hoang
Project Sales Assistant Manager - Panasonic Sales Vietnam:

I have been working here at Panasonic Sales Vietnam since 2015 and my journey is still in progress. Working at Panasonic Sales Vietnam is one of the decisions I will never regret. Panasonic has given me plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Domestic and overseas training courses allow me to gain new knowledge and develop diverse set of skills. The company also pays great attention to the employee’s well-being via policy on travelling, health care, and insurance. The support I received from both of my local and overseas team members helps me better myself every day.

At the same time, Panasonic is never short of challenges. You need to adapt to the fast working pace and the varying job requirements. Eventually, your achievement will always be recognized and built upon your success. I can say that my journey with Panasonic has been a highlight of enriching experience and continuous growth, a very wonderful journey indeed.


Software Engineer – Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam

With a passion for embedded development, after completion of my engineering degree in Mechatronics, I applied to Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam to become a software engineer. Gladly, the professional working environment at Panasonic had welcomed me with both opportunities and exciting challenges.

My colleagues were experienced professionals in their field. Working with them, I had learnt a lot of things that I did not have a chance to at the university. Even though I had fumbled here and there with my new tasks, they never hesitated to show me guidance, especially my team leader and managers who had allowed me to explore my strong points and encourage me to better myself every day.
There is never a boring day at work, everyone was very open. We connect through work conversations and we share about our daily life and current news too. There is no l gap between the senior and junior developers like I am. Instead, I could feel the effort that everyone was putting in the company activities, training sessions… to make the environment more friendly and comfortable.

I think at Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam, there is a balance for professional and personal development, so that everyone can advance their career and enjoy being themselves. 


Training Assistant Manager, HR Department – Panasonic Vietnam

Throughout my 10th-year journey at Panasonic, I always feel lucky to be able to follow my passion in a professional and friendly environment, where my kindhearted colleagues are willing to support me anytime.

At Panasonic, I am given a great chance to experience different functions of HR such as compensation & benefits and training. Each job function has a specific character, which allows me to develop new set of skills every day. What I find the most special here is that the management board always “dare” to give their staff the opportunity to do new things. I still remember the time when I started working in the Training field, everything seemed unfamiliar and challenging. However, by the way of coaching and close monitoring, my supervisor has helped me gain more confidence in my ability. I started taking smaller-sized classes, then I read more and learnt from my experience in the following classes. My supervisor always encouraged me with the spirit of “Version No. 1 is better than version No. 0”, which helped me step out of my comfort zone. I am grateful to be working at Panasonic, and I can see its commitment to the philosophy “Making people before making products”. If you are looking a job that can promotes your potentials, Panasonic is the place to be.