Your Career Roadmap

"People are the foundation of business. Making people before making products."
Throughout the history, Panasonic has consistently placed priority on human resource development based on this philosophy, which is why all Panasonic citizens are informed and entitled to a way up the career ladder.

Career Roadmap

The roadmap demonstrates development stages in terms of your working grade or title. Thus, Panasonic citizens are aware of opportunities for advancement. For example, in the beginning level, you begin to learn the most basic working skills. Training also provides a fundamental part in your development which is one of our competitive edges.

Your Growth

Training Structure

Besides a citizen-focused career roadmap, we incorporate customized training courses to enhance and improve different skills and knowledge, as we understand that growth and development of a business cannot be realized without the development of people. Our citizens are committed to personal and professional development and fulfillment.

Learn about the basic approach of human resources and employee training and development.

Your Future Colleagues

Le Dung

Marketing Assistant Manager – Panasonic Sales Vietnam

If I summarize my experience so far in Panasonic, it would be “enriching”. I am free to learn and to develop skills that suit my career interest. After seven months in Panasonic Appliances Vietnam, I realized my passion in Marketing, so I asked for a transfer to Panasonic Sales in the Marketing department and I have been grateful for my supervisor ever since. My knowledge of mass production during the time at Panasonic Appliances gave me an edge to this new challenge. My team and I were able to learn about our products from assembly to post sales services, and we travelled at least once every month for market survey, meeting with dealers, etc., yet it has been exactly what keeps me excited for the past two years. I believe if you are looking for a chance to grow up and challenge yourself, you should not be looking elsewhere.


Training Officer – Panasonic Vietnam

My colleagues first knew me when I started as a Contracted Japanese Interpreter/ Translator for the Institute of Manufacturing (IOM) at Panasonic Vietnam company. By then, I had only been to my third year of university, so my working experience in technical translation was limited and I struggled with my confidence standing in front of my class. Nevertheless, after nearly a year, the knowledge and skill I learnt throughout each class, along with my colleagues' support, changed me significantly. I am passionate for a chance to grow and to utilize my Japanese language combined with this new knowledge, and I did not have to look far. After my contract ended, I was luckily challenged for a new role as full-time Training Officer. New learning opportunities open to me everyday, either in my recent business trip to Japan, or our new outdoor workshop with other Panasonic companies. I am excited to see where my next assignment would take me!