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Environmental Policy – Panasonic Vietnam

I. Environmental Policy

The environmental policy defines guidelines for all environmental activities as well as environmental responsibilities and environmental activities of the company
The General Director will decide and approve the implementation of suitable environmental policy with the following items:

- To be suitable with the nature, scale and environmental impact of the organization’s activities, products and services.
- To commit to pollution prevention and continual improvement
- To commit to comply with relevant regulations of laws and other requirements related to environmental aspects accepted by the organization
- Establish the framework of establishing and considering environmental goals and indexes
- To be documented, implemented and maintained
- To be popularized to all employees of the company
- To be popularized to the public

II. Environmental Commitment
A. Declaration of Conformity

Panasonic products* are in conformity with the requirements of Circular No.30/2011/TT-BCT dated 10th August 2011 - Temporarily regulating the permitted limits for a number of hazardous substances in electric and electronic products, which come into effect on Dec 1, 2012.

*products that are in scope of the Circular No.30/2011/TT-BCT and circulated in Vietnam market.

B. “eco ideas” Factory Declaration

The ‘eco ideas’ Factories embody Panasonic’s commitment to promote environmental sustainability initiatives and contribute to a greener society.

Panasonic Vietnam committed to implement these 2 concepts of ‘eco ideas’ to conserve and protect the environment with the Vietnamese
community through our ECO activities and production of ECO products with sustainable industry practices.

III. Environmental Activities

Panasonic Corporation has the vision of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by the 100th year of its founding in 2018. By setting the environment as the focus of each business, Panasonic is actively link the environmental contribution plan with the business growth.

In Vietnam, Panasonic Group are committed to minimize any impacts of production and business activities on the surrounding environment and to comply with the laws on environment, as well as environment standards of Vietnam. During the production process, the subsidiaries all try to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances, use natural resources efficiently and set implementable targets in areas such as: “Green” logistics; “Green” purchasing, “Green” factory…

Some of the subsidiaries of Panasonic have become ISO 14000 accredited companies like PSNV, PIDVN. In response to the “eco ideas for products, eco ideas for manufacturing and eco ideas for everybody, everywhere” which are being implemented throughout the world by Panasonic, every year, the Company launches various environment campaigns, such as planting mangrove forest in Hai Phong province (2010), organized “No-nilon bag day” (2011), planting forest in Ba Vi National Park (2012) and implement the Global Eco Learning program for students.

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