Janet Gillespie

Peter Bolte

Vice-President, Marketing & Brand Management

About Janet

Janet Gillespie brings over 25 years of B2B and B2C experience to her role as Vice-President, Marketing & Brand Management at Panasonic Canada Inc.

The opportunity to work with a heritage brand with a strong reputation in the market is one of the reasons that Janet joined the Executive Team in March 2013. Janet’s diverse B2B and B2C background allowed her to see the opportunity to help shift Panasonic’s external communications strategy to embrace digital marketing, social media platforms and e-commerce. Janet has worked closely across the Panasonic organization to move the company towards a more mature digital marketing model that focuses on building relationships with customers through meaningful and authentic conversations and experiences.

Known for her tenacity, ability to collaborate and integrate with teams to drive growth and innovation, Janet believes change is essential for continued business success. She is continually influencing others to embrace the evolving direction of the organization.

Prior to joining Panasonic, Janet held a position as Vice-President of Marketing for a North American satellite radio service company. She also worked as a Director of Carrier Business Development for a global company that specialized in manufacturing smartphones and personal digital assistants.

Janet has a diploma in business administration from Humber College and has completed executive education programs in marketing and strategy from Smith School of Business at Queen's University. She has also completed an executive program on negotiation from Harvard University.

When she’s not spearheading innovation at Panasonic, Janet enjoys travelling, cooking, gardening, reading, yoga, rowing and spending time with her beloved son, Alex.

Quote: “The sheer diversity of the company with its breadth of products and markets keeps me constantly learning and stimulated. The excitement of launching new product categories and entering into new markets, along with the truly great people I work with across various departments and divisions, is what makes my job so exciting. Coming to work presents new challenges every day which encourages me to continuously be thinking of how we can do things differently and more efficiently. I am most passionate about the people I work with and making changes that show demonstrable results.”

One word that best describes Janet: forward-thinking