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Female veterinarian taking a cat out of a cage: image of Pet

Highly rated by many veterinarians

An image of a veterinarian at ANIMAL CLINIC PURE

“With the air always being fresh, we’re now able to welcome our customers with peace of mind.”

Animal Clinic Pure

An image of a veterinarian at Kusunoki Animal Hospital

"To create a comfortable, enjoyable, 'pet-friendly' society, I as a veterinarian highly recommend ziaino®.”

Kusunoki Animal Hospital

An image of a veterinarian at Seijo Kobayashi Veterinary Clinic

“Neither dogs nor cats seem troubled by any reactive odours, so I haven’t observed any noticeable changes from before. As a professional entrusted with pet health, that offers me the greatest reassurance.”

Seijo Kobayashi Veterinary Clinic

An image of a veterinarian at Clover Animal Hospital

“ziaino® is cost-effective, and makes it easy to use hypochlorous acid at home.”

Clover Animal Hospital

An image of a veterinarian at Veterinary Ophthalmology EyeVet

“Installing ziaino® effortlessly ensures cleaner air.”

Veterinary Ophthalmology EyeVet

An image of a veterinarian at NAGAIKI Veterinary Hospital

“As someone who has been using hypochlorous acid solution for some time, this is the product I have been waiting for.”

Nagaiki Veterinary Hospital

Safe to use for our beloved pets

Verified by scientific observations and tests

An image of people engaged in conversation with a cat nearby

1, No lmpact on Cats’

Within the 10-day observation period, through capturing the data about the cats' behavior and activity with sensors attached to their necks. The results show that there was no statistical change in the behavior of all 6 cats before and after exposed to ziaino®.

Test results

Before use

After use

Activity level



Resting time



Number of climbs



An illustration of a cat playing by the ziaino®

Before use: Average from February 22nd to February 26th, 2022 (5 days). After use: Average from March 1st to March 8th, 2022 (8 days).

A line graph measuring pet waste deodorization by ziaino®

2, Deodorization in Cat
Excretion Smell

After running ziaino® for around 30 minutes, the excretion smell has become less unpleasant. While ziaino® continued running, the smell disappeared in an accelerating rate in the room.

After running ziaino® for over 60 minutes, an obvious difference in smell could be clearly told by comparing the room with ziaino® operated and the room without.

How does ziaino® purify air?


Quickly deodorises drifting odours in order to create a comfortable environment in Animal clinic

An illustration of odor emanating from a pet
A line graph measuring changes in odor intensity

[Test institution] Environmental Control Center Co.,Ltd. [Testing method] Verification by the Odour Intensity Calculation Method [Test subject] Airborne mixed odour [Test result] Odour intensity reduced to 1.5 after about 120 minutes in a 9.7m² test space [Report No.] H07019001DA

Inhibits airborne bacteria and viruses in Animal clinic

An illustration of airborne bacteria and viruses indoors
A line graph measuring changes in adherent bacteria counts

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method] Measuring changes in the number of airborne bacteria in a 11.6m² test space [Test subject]Airborne bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result]99% inhibition confirmed after 20 minutes [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0436

Inhibits adhered bacteria and viruses

An illustration of bacteria and viruses adhering to a switch
A line graph measuring changes in adherent bacteria counts

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method]Measuring changes in the number of adhered bacteria in 11.6m² [Test subject]Adhered bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result] 99% inhibition confirmed after 3 hours [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0365

How it works ?

1st: An illustration of ziaino® taking in dirty air from the side

Intakes dirty air from the sides.

2nd: An illustration of ziaino® deodorizing dirty air through the anti-bactericidal filter

Inhibits pollutant and deodourises the dirty air with an anti-bactericidal filter permeated with Aqua ziaino®.

3rd: An illustration of ziaino® releasing clean air

Clean air released with vaporized Aqua ziaino®.

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