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An image of particulate matter deposited in dark spaces.

All about ziaino® technology

ziaino® is a space purification technology made with naturally derived salt and water. 
It inhibits bacteria and viruses and can be used safely and reliably in manned spaces.


An illustration of ziaino® cleaning the air

point 1

How ziaino® cleans the air

An illustration of electrolysing salt and water

point 2

Salt and water are electrolyzed 
to create Aqua ziaino®

An illustration of protein being broken down through oxidative processes

point 3

Oxidative decomposition of proteins that are the source of bacteria, viruses, and odors

Space purification technology

1. Deodourisation of the space
and inhibition of airborne bacteria and viruses

An illustration of bacteria and viruses floating in a living room with pets

It takes in the air containing airborne viruses, bacteria and odors, washes it with Aqua ziaino®.

1st: An image of ziaino® taking in dirty air from the side

Intakes dirty air from the sides.

2nd: An image of ziaino® deodorizing dirty air through the anti-bactericidal filter

Inhibits pollutant and deodourises the dirty air with an anti-bactericidal filter permeated with Aqua ziaino®.

3rd: An image of ziaino® releasing clean air

Clean air released with vaporized Aqua ziaino®.

2. Inhibits adhered viruses and bacteria

An illustration of bacteria and viruses adhering to a doorknob

Aqua ziaino® is vaporized when ziaino® releases the air it took in and cleaned.
The vaporized Aqua ziaino® spreads throughout the room and removes any adhered viruses and bacteria.

An illustration of Aqua ziaino® being released from the top of ziaino®

Releases vaporized Aqua ziaino®.

An illustration showing Aqua ziaino® spreading throughout a room

Aqua ziaino® spreads throughout the room.

An illustration of Aqua ziaino® adhering to viruses and bacteria

Aqua ziaino® inhibits adhered viruses and bacteria.

What’s aqua ziaino®

Salt tablets are added to the water in the tray and electrolysed to create Aqua ziaino®.

Tap water + Salt tablet

An illustration of water and salt tablets

Salt tablets are added to the
water in the tray.


An illustration of electrolysing salt and water

Salt water is electrolysed to produce a hypochlorous acid solution.

Aqua ziaino®

An illustration of Aqua ziaino®

acid solution

How it works?

The Cl+ in HOCl, the primary component of Aqua ziaino®, is an unstable substance. It oxidizes and decomposes proteins that are the source of bacteria, viruses, and odors.

An image of Aqua ziaino®'s HOCl acting on bacteria, viruses, and odors

HOCI in Aqua ziaino® reaches bacteria, viruses, and odours.

An image of proteins decomposing

Decompose the proteins.

An image of the inhibition of proteins

Inhibit them.

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What’s unique about ziaino® technology?

Here are some unique features that make ziaino® safe and effective

Water bubbles: image of Features


ziaino® uses naturally derived salt and water to produce hypochlorous acid. The concentration is safe to use in manned spaces, emphasizing a balance between effectiveness and safety.

Sleeping baby: image of Safety


The effects of ziaino® have been verified by third party institutions.

Female researcher looking through a microscope: image of Verification

Test Report

The following are the test results concerning ziaino® products and the effects of hypochlorous acid.

Staff in the laboratory: image of Test Report

COVID-19 Test report

Results on COVID-19 inhibition

A petri dish under research: image of COVID-19 Test report


From effectiveness, safe usage, and maintenance, we’ll take care of any questions you have on your ziaino®.

An operator wearing an intercom: image of Q&A

Our history & Vision

ziaino® has history and futures that contributes to creating clean and comfortable environments.

The development team of ziaino®: image of Our history & Vision