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31L Steam Convection Cubie Oven NU-SC280WMPQ

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Healthy Living With Steam Cooking

The powerful steam cooks healthy steamed meals at home.
The large 31-litre capacity allows you to cook a lot at once, ideal for home parties. And with over 70 pre-programmed automatic menus, you can expand your cooking repertoire.
  • healthy EVERYDAY
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Healthy Steam Cooking

Powerful Steam Cooking

Powerful Steam Cooking preserves nutrients. With an improved boiler, steam is injected at a much higher pressure than conventional steam ovens.
Powerful Steam Cooking

3 Steam Modes Suitable for Different Dishes

3 Steam Modes give you a wide range of steam cooking options.
3 Steam Modes Suitable for Different Dishes

Cook Big Portions at Once

Cook Big Portions at Once
This oven lets you cook a big portion, with the large 31L capacity and 2-level convection cooking that allows you to cook on two levels at once.

Wide Temperature Range Meets Your Cooking Needs

A wide range of temperature settings from 50°C to 250°C allows you to cook various dishes. In particular, cooking up to 250°C gives you a more expansive repertoire of recipes than ever before*.
*Compared with conventional steam convection ovens.
Wide Temperature Range Meets Your Cooking Needs

Over 70 Auto Menus

Everyday convenience with a wide range of Auto Menus. Whether you are a busy person or a beginner cook, you can enjoy a variety of meals.
Over 70 Auto Menus

Easy Operation

The one dial and two button control panel delivers an intuitive user experience. A bright LED lamp and an operation panel with a large display make everything easy to see.
Easy Operation

Looking for Something Delicious?

Get delicious recipe ideas from the Healthy Everyday Panasonic Cooking website. Enjoy browsing, cooking, and, most importantly, eating!
Looking for Something Delicious?

Simple Guides to Use Your Oven 

Learn how to improve or simplify cooking. From reheating and cooking to keeping it clean, make cooking more enjoyable. 
Simple Guides to Use Your Oven 

Get Inspired


Photo of 31L Steam Convection Cubie Oven NU-SC280WMPQ

Size and Weight


*Weight includes accessories

Healthy and Powerful Steam Cooking

Variety of Cooking Methods

Large 31L Capacity, 2-level Convection Cooking

Wide Range Convection Cooking (50˚C to 250˚C)

Over 70 Auto Menu Programmes

Easy to Operate


  • Body Material

    • White PCM
  • Oven Capacity

    • 31L
  • Oven

    • Stainless
  • Oven Lamp

    • LED
  • Control Type

    • Pull down
  • Door A Color

    • white Plastic(no paint)
  • Door Screen B

    • Normal Glass with Black masking
  • Handle

    • With Control Panel
  • Control Panel

    • Dial&Button with LED type display
  • Display Area Size

    • 81.8×20.1mm
  • Display Color

    • White word black background
  • Steam Mode

    • Steam-High/-Med/-Low
  • Water Tank

    • 1L
  • Low Steam

    • about 80℃ Max30min
  • Normal Steam

    • about 100℃ Max60min
  • Healthy Fry

    • 250℃ Conv.(230 after 10min) Max 90min
  • Stew

    • Convection+Steam Max180 min 90min~180min per 30min
  • Convection with/without Preheat

    • 50-250℃(230 after 10min) per 10℃ Max 180min
  • 2 Level Cooking

    • Steam/ Convection/Steam + Convection
  • Ferment

    • 30℃/ 40℃
  • Steam Shot

    • Yes 1,2,3 min
  • Demo Mode

    • steam med , start 4times, cancel 4times
  • Child Clock

    • Setting: Start 3 timesCancel: Stop 3 times

Auto Menu

  • Auto Menu

    • 70

    • Yes


  • Square Enamel Tray

    • Enamel tray1, Wave tray 1

Menu Label

  • Hard paper E/C/M


  • Non Color Print

    • B5 B/W 132p E/C/M

Cook Book

  • Recipe Book

    • B5 Color 164p E/C/M
  • Warranty Card

    • Yes


  • Oven Cavity Dimensions

    • W410×D320×H250mm
  • Outer Dimensions

    • W494×D484(with Dial)×H375mm

Carton Box

  • Carton Box Design

    • Offset Color
  • Carton Box Dimensions/(m3)

    • 592mm×567mm×493mm/0.165m3

Power Source

  • 240V/50Hz


  • 1300W(450+850W)


  • 1350W


  • 1350W

Technical Regulation

  • Approval

    • SIRIM
  • Safety Standard

    • IEC 60335-1:2010 + A1:2013 +A2:2016;IEC 60335-2-6:2014 + A1:2018



Photo of 31L Steam Convection Cubie Oven NU-SC280WMPQ

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