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Learn About the LUMIX S Series Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Learn About the LUMIX S Series Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Full Frame Without Compromise

Motion. Picture. Perfect




Emma Tunbridge

Shot with LUMIX S1R

Emma Tunbridge is a renowned photographer who specialises in children’s fashion. For this shoot, she worked with Hackett, world-famous for their high quality clothing for adults and children alike. When Hackett approached Emma to shoot their children’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, the LUMIX S1R was her camera of choice.

Thanks to the file size with the LUMIX S1R, Emma was able to shoot without the constraints of having to think about how the images where going to be used.

Through the eyes of Emma Tunbridge >

Vicky Lawton

Shot with LUMIX S1R

Vicky Lawson is a professional advertising photographer working out of the famous Rankin studios in London.

For her project with SPKTRM Beauty, Vicky selected the LUMIX S1R because of the way the camera renders skin tones and with the quality of the files she was confident enough to drop the images straight into the final brochure layout on set. This allowed Vicky to send the files directly to SPKTRM in the US for approval. Shoot to delivery of files completed in one day.

Through the eyes of Vicky Lawton >

Copper & Cope

Shot with LUMIX S1, S1R & 50mm f/1.4 Lens

Copper & Cope are a creative agency specialising in the Sports, Leisure and Wellbeing sector, and with a wealth of experience of knowing how to shoot action.

Scott Heavey, the founder of Copper & Cope had been trialling both the LUMIX S1 and LUMIX S1R to see how these cameras would fit into their workflow and they felt that the S-series cameras and lenses would be the best tools to help capture his creative vision.

Through the eyes of Copper & Cope >

Daniel Berehulak

Shot with LUMIX S1 & 24-105mm lens

“With the new Lumix S series camera, I was able to follow the miners journey as they ascended a volcano in East Java, Indonesia, with their heavily laden baskets.”

Through the eyes of Daniel >

Annie Griffiths

Shot with LUMIX S1R & 24-105mm lens

“Detail in everything from the smallest pebble to the expansive canyon walls are faithfully reproduced. Such a flexible camera system, that can render the extraordinary detail of these geological wonders”

Through the eyes of Annie >

Griffin Hammond

Shot with LUMIX S1 & 24-105mm lens

"Shooting handheld with Dual I.S. lets me capture more shots per minute, without dragging a tripod through this narrow workshop. My unobtrusive shooting style earns trust from my subjects and grants me better access."

Through the eyes of  Griffin >

Peter Hamblin

Shot with LUMIX S1H

“ ‘In Hope Of Nothing’ aimed to speak to film-makers about the trials and tribulations of film-making.”


Through the eyes of  Peter >

Daimon Xanthopoulos

Shot with LUMIX S1 & 50mm F1.4 lens

"Having a camera that can capture the magic of these places without any compromise in quality, durability, or flexibility gives me the opportunity to really focus on my creativity and story."

Through the eyes of  Daimon >

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Motion. Picture. Perfect


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