The 4-in-1 multi-talent oven for cooking healthy and tasty meals fast.

  • Four easy to use cooking methods for a huge variety of recipes: steam, grill, oven (top–bottom heat) and microwave
  • Perfect for health-conscious individuals who enjoy creative cooking
  • Locks in and preserves nutrients using 1100 Watts of powerful steam
  • Includes Unique Grill Tray for healthier low-fat cooking and crispy results on all sides
  • Effortless Auto Programmes, the Genius Sensor, and easy-cleaning options

UK, 15 March 2022

Panasonic presents the new NN-DS59N Steam Combi Oven, a cutting-edge 4-in-1 kitchen multi-talent. Featuring four different cooking methods – steam, oven (top–bottom heater), grill and microwave power – it enables enthusiastic foodies to prepare a vast range of different recipes and enjoy quick, effortless cooking that preserves nutrients with every meal.

This oven fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle thanks to its time-saving features – and into any kitchen with its compact, modern design.

So, if you are cooking up a feast for friends and family, preparing weekly meals and portions or cooking small batches, there is a setting and cooking method perfect for you.

UK based food blogger and chef, Niki Webster, has experimented with the new appliance: “The most amazing thing for me is to have the multi functionality in one oven. It is amazing! It reduces the need to have multiple appliances. And the steaming for me was the most extraordinary feature. I have never experienced that in any oven before, and it is brilliant. The steaming was so fast! You can achieve such healthy and tasty food with this oven.”

The best way to cook healthy:

Steaming is one of the best cooking methods for preserving nutrients and maximising taste, especially in fish and vegetables. For example, when broccoli is boiled, it can lose more than 50% of the vegetable’s vitamin C – but with steam cooking, 94% of this essential vitamin is retained. The steam locks in the nutrients, moisture and flavours for an overall healthy and delicious experience.

Unlike conventional microwave ovens, the NN-DS59N features a unique built-in steam boiler and large 600ml water tank. Together, they produce up to 1100 Watts of powerful, high-density steam that is directly injected into the oven’s cavity to fill it completely. The steam quickly cooks the food evenly, while retaining the nutrients. The steam function can be combined with the oven (top–bottom heat) and grill functions for full cooking flexibility.

Clever Grill Tray
Panasonic’s unique Grill Tray gives crispy results with full flavour. During cooking, microwave power heats up the bottom of the Grill Tray while the grill function works from the top to grill chicken, crisps and more. Or the steam function from the top can be selected for crunchy, nutrient-rich vegetables.

Low-fat frying made easy
The low-fat frying function makes fried food healthier. It works by combining the microwave and grill functions: the microwave heats up the Grill Tray from the bottom and the grill provides heat from the top for all-round crispy results with less oil. Fat released during cooking runs down the grooves of the Grill Tray, removing the oil so that food is juicy on the inside and crispy all around, without the need for turning it.

Easy operation

The NN-DS59N 4-in-1 Steam Combi Oven is packed with a multitude of convenient functions to make cooking every kind of meal a pleasure, including; The Genius Sensor, an Auto Reheat function which measures the food’s moisture and adjusts cooking times to provide the best results, Combination cooking where users can use two heat sources at the same time, Panasonic-unique Inverter Technology to cook meals up to 40% faster and 28 Auto Programmes to cook everything from baked bread to steamed rice.

Modern, compact design

Sleek and stylish, the new NN-DS59N features a compact design that fits into any kitchen and blends in seamlessly with any contemporary décor. The frameless downward-opening glass door, the easy-to-see touchscreen control panel and the LCD display with white lettering lends a modern style to the kitchen. Although compact, the cavity offers a large 27 litres of space, meaning most kinds of cookware can be used for added flexibility.

Easy cleaning

Cooking is more enjoyable when clean-up is easy. Which is why the NN-DS59N 4-in-1 Steam Combi Oven has a flat stainless steel interior that enables users to simply wipe down the cavity. It works with any one of the four automatic cleaning programmes – such as Cavity Cleaning which uses hot steam – to make cleaning effortless. Unique to Panasonic is the flat grill heater, allowing the top panel to be wiped down in one go. Plus, no turntable means fewer components to wash, also saving water, and the Grill Tray is dishwasher-safe.

Durability and sustainability

Panasonic’s appliances are characterised by high quality, durability and strength, meaning they last longer and thus contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and society. As Inverter Technology cooks using optimal power, the NN-DS59N consumes less energy – enabling users to cook in a more sustainable way while having more time to spend with loved ones.

During development, the 4-in-1 kitchen multi-talent goes through several tests. Dedicated Panasonic robots press the buttons more than 60,000 times and open the door 150,000 times – movements that would normally be made over the course of 15 years, even amongst the most enthusiastic foodies.

The NN-DS59N will be available from Spring 2022 in black

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