Panasonic UK partners with WRAP and becomes Courtauld 2030 Affiliate Member

Panasonic UK has continued its efforts in tackling environmental issues and striving for a greener future by partnering with climate action NGO WRAP to become a Courtauld 2030 Affiliate Member. 

Ensuring full value chain representation to achieve food system transformation, the new Courtauld Affiliates membership was developed to enable businesses who are part of the Food System, but don’t manufacture or retail food and drink, to support WRAP’s initiatives.

One of the first to become Courtauld Affiliates, alongside the likes of Apeel, Deliveroo and Google, Panasonic UK’s membership will see it supported by WRAP through the creation of an individual action plan that ensures the business can maximise its own unique contribution toward the achievement of the GHG, water and food waste targets.

Sammy Dell, European Product Marketing Manager for Kitchen Appliances at Panasonic, says, “Panasonic UK is proud to be supporting the fantastic work of WRAP, and collaborating to show how small changes in our homes, specifically kitchens, can make a big difference to the world we live in. Our joint vision surrounding easy and effective methods to reduce food waste and make cost-saving decisions makes for an exciting partnership for 2022, and beyond”.

Helen Bird, Head of Business Collaboration, WRAP, says, “The goods we consume, the food we eat and the clothes we wear contribute to nearly half of all global emissions; it has never been more urgent to tackle this. The delivery of Courtauld 2030 targets will result in a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions related to food & drink, as well as reductions in waste and water stress from the UKs food system. It is only through the convening of the full value chain that we can achieve this, and our Affiliates membership opens the door to many more businesses and brands to collaborate to reach these targets.”

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