Say hello to fast, fresh gourmet cooking at home with panasonic’s new flagship 4 in 1 combi steam oven


Say hello to fast, fresh gourmet cooking at home with Panasonic’s NEW flagship NN-CS89 4-in-1 Combi Steam Oven. The latest, innovative launch from the UK’s leading supplier of consumer electronics products combines steam, microwave, grill and combination oven functionality in one sleek, compact appliance.

Whether you are a health-conscious cook in the kitchen, or simply looking for a solution to busy family mealtimes, the freestanding Combi Steam Oven makes experiencing fresh food preparation an enjoyable, easy and convenient process.

The flagship of Panasonic Microwaves, the new Combi Steam model is Panasonic’s most powerful Combi Steam Oven yet. Delivering healthy cooking fast thanks to an array of versatile functions designed to cater to increasingly busy lifestyles, the sleek and minimalistic all-in-one oven includes:

  • Multi-Function Oven – Four state-of-the-art cooking methods (microwave, steam, grill and convection) allows consumers to create a wide range of dishes, enabling easy preparation of everything from daily dishes to party food and specialist cuisine without the trouble of using multiple frying pans, pots, steamers and other cooking utensils
  • Steam Technology – Powerful steam from the oven’s highly efficient boiler which cooks food quickly and efficiently, leaving all the natural flavours and nutrients in your food
  • Innovative Inverter Technology – Allows for even heat distribution and enables you to combine cooking functions and use them simultaneously, meaning the likes of salmon and vegetables can be steamed and microwave cooked in around 15 minutes only
  • Auto Programmes – Make mealtimes effortless, taking away the need for calculations, with easy cooking and reheating at the touch of a button thanks to 36 programmes
  • Genius Sensor – Removes the need for guessing cooking time
  • Easy Cleaning – Thanks to the oven’s flat grill heater, it’s conveniently easy cleaning, with no need to remove the turntable

At the heart of all Panasonic’s innovations is Experience Fresh, inspired by timeless Japanese culture, cooking techniques and technologies. This celebrates the joy of fresh food and creates social experiences for you and your loved ones.

The NN-CS89 taps into the traditional Japanese cooking technique of steaming, delivering on health benefits by preserving nutrients and sealing in flavour when cooking, without the need for added fats during the preparation process.

Using powerful steam technology, with an 800ml water tank and two steam outlets to inject steam into the oven cavity, the boiler size has been increased by 20% too, meaning multiple dishes can steamed or cooked simultaneously across two levels.

Like all Panasonic small kitchen appliances, the new Combi Steam Oven has been expertly designed and manufactured to enable cooks of all levels to enjoy healthy cooking with ease. It is thanks to the powerful integrated steam function, alongside programmes including a pre-set 12 combi menu and 36 auto cook menus, that the Combi Steam Oven delivers healthy dishes with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the Combi Steam Oven features a flatbed which can be used in the same way as a regular oven, and a 31L capacity ideal for family-sized portions. Additionally, whilst the Combi Steam Oven’s technology ensures convenient cooking with optimal results, the freestanding model’s appearance, with its premium sleek and minimalist visuals, smoked glass door, touch panel and white LCD, allows for seamless and non-invasive integration into a wide variety of kitchen designs.

So, whether you’re cooking a healthy gourmet meal for one, or a fresh and flavoursome feast for the family, delicious recipes for your Combi Steam Oven are available at

The Panasonic NN-CS89 4-in-1 Combi Steam Oven is available exclusively from John Lewis for £519.99 from Summer 2020. Model is also available without steam function from selected retailers (Combi Microwave Oven NN-CF87, £469.99).