Panasonic 2020 Soundbar Range Offers Choice for Today’s Home Cinema Enthusiasts

Panasonic 2020 Soundbar Range Offers Choice for Today’s Home Cinema Enthusiasts
  • Sound – Chose between a wireless or integrated subwoofer
  • Design –Timeless and subtle style
  • Smart – To get the best from TV

Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Home Theatre Audio Systems, a choice of two soundbars:

  1. SC-HTB600 – Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer
  2. SC-HTB400 – Soundbar with integrated Subwoofer

HTB600 and HTB400 are characterised by great sound, minimalist design and smart features to enhance the TV viewing experience.

HTB600 supports both Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ home cinema audio formats. High quality surround-sound travels in 3D space to draw listeners into an immersive cinematic experience.

HTB600 comes with a large wireless subwoofer to deliver dynamic bass. The subwoofer’s Bass Reflex Port is aerodynamically shaped for clear bass sound.

HTB400 is a stylish solo soundbar design, it delivers impressive bass with dual subwoofers integrated into its body.

Both new HTB Series models share a functional style that is optimised to complement the latest Panasonic TV designs.

We believe in offering consumers a choice. HTB600 is ideal for movie fans who want to experience Dolby Atmos 3D sound at home. While HTB400 is perfect for those seeking a simple solution to enjoy film soundtracks and hear clearer dialogue.” Michael Friedrich, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe

Sound to match your vision

  • Clear-Mode Dialogue – with TV and video streaming productions becoming more cinematic, sometimes it’s hard to understand everything the actors say. Clear-Mode Dialogue comes to the rescue by enhancing the clarity of speech in the sound mix – meaning viewers will no longer struggle to hear important plot points.

Exclusive to HTB600

  • Dolby Atmos®/DTS:X™ - powerful, dynamic surround-sound travels in 3D space placing viewers inside an immersive cinematic experience. HTB600 achieves virtual surround-sound with forward-facing speakers - so movie fans can escape into films without the need for speakers dotted around the room.
  • High quality speaker system - featuring two Full Range (4.5 x 10 cm) driver units, the SC-HTB600 produces a rich vocal sound. The soundbar alone achieves an impressive 160W output, boosted by the wireless subwoofer to an impressive 360W.
  • Powerful clear bass with wireless subwoofer – as it needs no physical connection to the TV, HTB600’s wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere, unobtrusively, for the best sound. The 16cm speaker unit achieves 200W output. The generously sized speaker enclosure delivers richer bass to bring action movies to life. The aerodynamically shaped Bass Reflex Port’s delivers smooth air flow and reduces unwanted vibration to deliver a strong, clear bass sound.

Exclusive to HTB400

  • High quality speaker system - two Full Range (4.5 x 10 cm) drivers and two integrated subwoofers deliver a total output of 160W. Using neodymium magnets, we have been able to achieve incredible sound volume from relatively compact speaker units.
  • Dual built-in subwoofers enhance bass - two 8cm cone-type subwoofers achieve a combined 80W output. Two bass reflex ports help deliver clear, powerful bass from this solo soundbar.

Designed for today’s TVs

  • Universal design– with their timeless design, trimmed with punched metal grilles, HTB600 and HTB400 are designed to be unobtrusive – so viewers focus on the on-screen action. Designed to complement the latest Panasonic TVs, the new HTB Series have adjustable feet – allowing them to be placed directly over the TV’s pedestal or, if the user prefers, in front on the cabinet.

Both soundbars can also be wall-mounted using the supplied fittings. As the design harmonises with the TV, they can be fitted close together and not out of place.

  • 7 degrees of excellence – when placed on a flat surface, like a TV cabinet, the new HTB Series’ speakers are angled upwards by 7° so that sound is projected towards the viewer’s ears. But as the rear of the speaker is also angled, this is corrected when wall-mounting so the sound travels outwards at 180°. A simple idea, that has a big effect.

 “The combination of the 7 degree angle of the speakers and the parallelogram profile, means that customers are guaranteed a great performance whether they choose to place their soundbar on a cabinet or wall-mount it.” Michael Friedrich, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe.

Smart enough for the latest TV trends

Smarter than the average soundbars

  • Bluetooth® - both soundbars can connect to smartphones, and other compatible devices, to let consumers listen to music and podcasts in stereo from the comfort of their sofa.

Exclusive to HTB600

  • 4K HDR Pass-Through - users can enjoy uninterrupted 4K HDR including Dolby Vision content with no loss in image quality. This is because the video signal passes through the soundbar from Blu-ray player, or games console, to the 4K TV.
  • eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) – sends high-bit-rate audio formats, such as Dolby Ture HD, from compatible TV to soundbar. This means that soundtracks on movies and high end TV shows can achieve their full potential.

So, who needs a soundbar?

Enhancing the TV entertainment experience

Anyone who regularly watches movies on UHD Blu-ray or streams box-sets in 4K will understand the benefit of an enhanced audio experience. High quality sound, in conjunction with stunning 4K visuals, creates a fully engaging home cinema experience – transporting viewers from the sofa to different worlds.

Features like Clear-Mode Dialogue will have wider appeal for those who sometimes struggle to understand speech against the backdrop of sound effects and music.

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