Panasonic’s new DAB+ Range Has Your Day Covered

Panasonic’s new DAB+ Range Has Your Day Covered

Panasonic announces three exciting audio products unified by DAB+ Radio, Ergonomic Design and Great Sound:

1. SC-DM502 – Premium Stereo System

2. RF-D30BT – Splash-Proof Radio

3. RC-D8 – DAB+ Clock Radi

The DM502 system’s rich bass and crystal-clear vocals result from an impressive build-quality with wooden speaker cabinet. Logical ergonomic design – featuring generously sized tactile preset buttons - makes playing music, from radio, CD and streaming a pleasure.

D30BT is the perfect portable DAB+ radio. With Bluetooth® and USB charging, it works well with smartphones too. Its classic soft edged design features large buttons and is finished with a premium metal speaker grille. Splash-proof design, built-in timer, and the option of battery power make it at home in kitchen or bathroom. *IPX4 equivalent

The D8 DAB+ Clock-Radio has large easy-to-read display. Featuring Dual Alarm for couples with different wake-up times. With USB charging smartphones can be refreshed overnight too.

Designed for the real world

Panasonic design is centred on how people live their lives, providing better solutions for everyday life.

Wake Up! With D8 DAB+ Clock Radio

  • Struggle to see the time when you’ve taken your glasses off for bed? The large display should help.
  • Partner gets up earlier than you? Dual Alarm for different wake-up times.
  • Need to charge the mobile overnight? The D8’s USB charger is on hand.

Bathroom or Breakfast first? With RD30BT Radio

  • Need to hear news while you wash? This splash-proof radio is at home on the bathroom shelf.
  • Want to hear the radio above the shower? Powerful 10cm speakers are ready.
  • Tight schedule? Clock display to show when it’s time for the kitchen.
  • Eggs for breakfast? Built-in timer for egg yolk perfection.

Working from Home. With the DM502B Stereo System

  • Bored with the radio phone-in? Switch channels fast with presets.
  • Ready to settle down for work and need high quality music? Play your favourite ambient CD.
  • Heard that great Spotify playlist? Stream from your mobile with Bluetooth®.

Got friends round for dinner later? Back to the kitchen with D30BT for some prep, and then sort the evening playlist for the DM502. And repeat…

But surely, isn’t everyone streaming these days?...

Far from it, a recent UK study (source: reveals that live radio accounts for over three quarters of audio consumption:

  • Live Radio: 75.2%
  • Streaming: 8.2%
  • CDs/Vinyl: 4.8%
  • Podcasts: 2.5%

“With just under 90% of the population continuing to tune in weekly and a 75% share of total audio listening, live linear radio remains at the heart of the audio revolution.” Mark Barber, Radio Centre

On average, that’s 20.7 hours of live radio listening per week. Audio represents 18% of all UK media consumption.

Radio is all about time of day, with peak hours being mornings and evenings for commuters. However, with Europe’s changing demographics, and growing numbers working from home, daytime listening is a vital part of the mix.