Panasonic AKX mini system: tailor-made for some serious indoor fun

Panasonic AKX mini system: tailor-made for some serious indoor fun
  • Karaoke to the fore with dual-mic input and fully featured control
  • Ultra heavy bass and a clear powerful sound
  • New low height makes AKX system easier to situate

Panasonic announces its latest compact High Power Audio system, the SC-AKX520.

The AKX520 system is tailor-made for some serious indoor fun with a fully-featured dual-microphone Karaoke mode. It also has a three-colour illuminated front panel that changes colour in time to the music, getting everyone into the clubbing mood.

The model also blends classy, low profile looks with speakers sculptured to match the muscularity of the sound that emanates from under their hood. Standout party features include a large central knob that makes it a cinch to pump up the volume, a mighty powerful sound, a slew of DJ effects and compatibility with the MAX Juke app that really gets the party going by making it fun for guests to request or create a line-up of their favourite dance tracks.


Full Karaoke for an authentic night out experience

The AKX 520 has two mic jacks so users can plug in two microphones for duets with family and friends. Several features are provided that make singing easier including Vocal Cancel, Key Control, Tempo Control*1, BGM (background music) Level Control, and Mic EQ. And the Echo function produces great karaoke singing effects.

*1 Tempo Control can be used with USB.

Panasonic Max Juke App makes ease of use a priority

This easy-to-use smartphone application (connected via Bluetooth) expands the capabilities of the new AKX system and makes using it even more enjoyable. Basic operations, adjustment of the illumination and selection of the Karaoke effect are among the many features made easy and fun to control by the using the app. This includes adjusting the illumination and the KARAOKE effect. Jukebox Request enables users to request songs in a playlist shared with several friends so that using the system becomes fun for everyone, not just one person.

DJ like a professional

The AKX520 sports a DJ Sampler feature that allows sample sounds such as a scratch, blast and horn to be added to the music as it's played. It also boasts Six DJ effects including phaser, sound chopper and electro echo give users masterful control over the music to entertain their listeners with DJ-like club tricks and sounds.


Deep reserves of power

The AKX520 produces a clear, powerful sound thanks to deep reserves of digital amplification and a speaker configuration that combines a large-ported woofer with a 6cm tweeter. The model pumps out a hefty 650W (RMS) to its 20cm woofer and 6cm tweeter.

Acing the bass with D.Bass Beat

The model has hard press corrugated woofers which are rigid yet lightweight to produce a crisp, clear sound without distortion. Also, by giving the woofer port a wide area high sound pressure is achieved resulting in dynamic sound with minimal distortion. Enlarging the port area enhances acoustic resonance and increases bass perception, resulting in more dynamic sound. The AKX520 is primed to dish out some serious bass especially when using the D.Bass Beat feature that amplifies the bass for an even more muscular sound from strongly rhythmical music.


Compact yet powerful-looking design

The main unit of the AKX520 delivers powerful sound yet remains compact and stylish. It is crafted from distinctly different surface textures of matte and gloss, creating an elegant contrast. With its lower height than previous models the main unit provides greater flexibility in positioning within a room.

The light fantastic: illuminations that keep in sync with the music

The AKX520 features Three-Colour Illumination so that the main unit glows in three colours in sync with the music, helping the powerful sound to give the room a club-like atmosphere.

SC-AKX520 Main Features

Sound features

  • 650W (RMS) Power Output
  • 2-channel Digital Amp
  • 20cm Woofer (Hard Press Corrugation, Naked)
  • 6cm Tweeter
  • D.Bass Beat
  • Preset Equalizer

Smart Features

  • DJ Effect / DJ Jukebox
  • Karaoke function with dual mic-in
  • CD playback
  • USB x 2


  • 3 Colour Illumination