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KKC Wellness Nagoya Medical Examination Clinic

For deodorization of endoscopy rooms and areas used by female patients

With eight medical facilities in the Japan's Kinki and Tokai regions and the Tokyo metropolitan area, our center provides a wide range of health examinations and screenings. At our newest clinic, the Nagoya Medical Examination Clinic, we use highly accurate equipment to provide preventive medical care. We installed the ziainoTM at the time our clinic opened for the purpose of strengthening our sterilization measures. Currently, we also have one in our endoscopy room and are looking forward to its deodorization and sterilization effects. It has helped us realize a more comfortable examination space. In the future, we would like to start using the ziainoTM in the area of our clinic dedicated to our female patients in order to enhance the satisfaction of our odor-sensitive patients and differentiate us from our competitors.
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No. of units installed: 3 units
Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture
Operator: General Incorporated Foundation Kinki Health Care Center

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