Launching "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" season 2, Panasonic appealed to youth on a brand-new but interesting topic of carbon footprint and sustainability for their very daily lifestyle

Hanoi, December 16th, 2023 – Panasonic Vietnam officially announced launching of “Live Green and Wellness with Gen G” season 2, after the success and positive response from youth last year, which was one of very first program run by a company to engage young people to global warming topic.

This year, with tagline “Let’s live Green to reduce carbon footprints”, Gen G – an abbreviation of Green generation – continues its long-term journey to inspire people, especially youth on the topic. In 2022, Panasonic invented a new concept of Gen G, which was a new definition of coolness lifestyle for Vietnamese young people, with full of energy, empowerment, knowledge, and skillset to act Green, live Wellness not only for themselves, but the whole community and society.

Following last year’s campaign’s success with millions of people inspired on social media, thousands of green living stories shared, and nearly 70 sustainable initiatives proposed, this year, Panasonic decides to bring chances to young people to learn, experience and contribute more on a very special topic of carbon footprint reduction – which is essential in the Japanese giant’s 2022 announcement called Panasonic Green Impact .This time, the campaign gets closer to youngsters through holding its launching ceremony right in the campus of National Economics University – one of the biggest and most dynamic universities for Vietnamese students. Right after the ceremony, a series of unitour visiting to 6 big universities in Hanoi and HCMC with the aim to “talk, interact, listen to students” and inspire them with diverse “Gen G activities” will be organized through from middle of December to middle of January.


Mr. Marukawa Yoichi, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam delivered his speech to announce the launch of the second season of the campaign

With Panasonic Green Impact, we see our pioneering role in tackling global warming issue through our business and CSR activities. Our vision is to create impact that reduces CO₂ emissions by more than 300 million tons by 2050 (about 1% world CO₂ emission at present) , and it’s quite difficult for one single brand to create big impact, we do believe we need active participation of many stakeholders, especially young generation, to generate “green impact” for wellness and sustainability of Vietnam”, shared Mr. Marukawa Yoichi, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam.

I feel very impressed at the participation, the attitude and many efforts that young people made last year when joining our campaign. It only proved that young Vietnamese people have strong care for environment and wellness lifestyle, and you have great capability and capacity to be the driving force of our Gen Green. When asked, some young people shared with us your thought that global warming and carbon footprint are something at macro level, which could be government and corporate’s issues.

From that insight, we have decided to bring the topic closer to young people. In our daily life, each of us does have our carbon footprint on the earth in many activities, therefore, we need to do something together to reduce our carbon footprint and bring wellness to our life. That is the key message we want to convey in this year’s campaign: Live green to reduce carbon foot-print. “

In several talk shows with two dynamic Gen G ambassadors, Helly Tong and Giang Ơi, who are talented and well-known for their leading roles in social-environment activities, shared their very practical and useful advice to young people on why and how they choose to lead a green lifestyle..


Representatives from environmental social organizations and pioneer Gen G shared about carbon footprint in the panel discussion within the event.

During a talk show at launching event, Ms. Yeo Shir Ling, General Manager of Environmental Management Department, Panasonic Asia Pacific, also shared more about Panasonic GREEN IMPACT. The Panasonic Group aims to create net-zero CO₂ emissions at all operating companies, including those in Vietnam, by 2030 through energy saving, utilization of renewable energy on-site and procurement of renewables. Panasonic also plans to contribute to avoided CO₂ emissions from society and our customers through developing new environmental technologies, and more energy-efficient products and solutions such as perovskite solar cells and Kinari, a sustainable plastic alternative.


Interesting activities receive positive responses from Gen G.

In its 2nd season, the campaign continues to receive strong support from Center for Natural Resources and Environment and Communication - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam Youth Union and other partners, experts, NGOs who pay high interest about carbon footprint and sustainability issue. The launch event attracted more than four hundred students and young people in a very open, joyful and enthusiastic vibe.

The "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" campaign is amongst Panasonic’s proactive actions towards realizing the Panasonic Group's commitment “Panasonic Green Impact”, which was announced in January 2022, where the Japanese brand’s CEO Yuki Kusumi has firmly declared the Group’s ambitious commitment of achieving net-zero CO₂ emissions of all Panasonic operating companies by 2030 and creating impact that reduces CO₂ emissions by more than 300 million tons, equivalent to about 1% of current global CO₂ emissions, by 2050.

During the campaign, a variety of online and offline activities will be initiated by Panasonic to empower Gen G to expand their knowledge about carbon footprint, and how to contribute to carbon footprint reduction for environment and society. To name some key activities, they are:

● Gen G Unitour: series of experience events will be organized in 06 key universities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which bring up opportunity for youngsters to participate in carbon footprint Workshop and sharing sessions with experts and active influencers; get practical experience to some highlighted local green lifestyle solutions from NGOs and entrepreneur, such as environment-friendly daily products, wastes recycling treatment initiatives…
● The Green Quiz and Mission: an online activity to raising awareness and knowledge about carbon footprint through easily accessible Quiz platform, while promote low-carbon lifestyle by practicing simple routines such as using public transport, eating healthy foods, using less electricity… The total carbon-footprint cut-down would be scientifically measured by experts and announced at the end of this campaign, meanwhile recognizing to the top participants with the most emission amount reduced.
● Gen G Ambassador Program is the most youth attention-grabbing activity for those who are keen to study deeper and propose their own initiatives addressing issues of global warming and environment. Youngsters from the age of 18 to 29 who participate by registering their initial initiatives, will have chance to join online workshops, offline training camp, and factory field trips and meet with experts in the field, to step by step sharpen their knowledge, capacity, and skillset to develop and validate their own initiatives and projects. The most potential projects can be granted financial support by Panasonic to start its journey into real life to bring impactful values to community.

Aligned with those efforts to curb global warming, Panasonic has been consistently carrying out many other initiatives. Most recently, Panasonic also re-launched the campaign “Live Wellness, Contribute Green with Panasonic" in November, which is the largest-scale reforestation program ever with the participation of partners and customers across the country, in response to the Government’s direction of 1 billion tree planted and continue the journey “for a green Vietnam”. In its first season, the program had successfully planted 355,000 trees, from the participation of 80,000 customers, which contribute to the reforestation of 79 hectares land of Vietnam.


Panasonic’s campaign desires to inspire green living to the surrounding community.

With all such efforts and enthusiasm, Panasonic proactively shar its passion and commitment of “Panasonic Green Impact” globally, aiming to realize its vision of Wellness and sustainability for Vietnam in the next 50 years particularly./.