Panasonic looks back on the journey of the "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" campaign with impressive achievement in inspiring sustainable lifestyle to young people

Ho Chi Minh, 24th February 2024 – Panasonic organized the “Green Day with Gen G” event in Ho Chi Minh city, the very last event of second season to remark the success of the “Live Green and Wellness with Gen G” campaign in promoting “green, wellness lifestyles” and CO2 emission reduction among youth and society, asserting its concrete actions towards realizing Panasonic Green Impact.

Being launched in December 2022 by Panasonic, the “Live Green and Wellness with Gen G” received very positive response and participation of thousands of young people both online and offline. With the second year’ key message as “Let’s live Green to reduce carbon footprints”, Panasonic pioneered in engaging Vietnamese young people to lead an environment-friendly and comprehensively healthy lifestyles and actively contributing to the wellness and sustainable development of Vietnam by bringing the topic closer to the youth for the very first time ever in a practical and inspiring way.

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

Mr. Oka Hiroyuki - Director of Panasonic Vietnam, deliver a speech to look-back the campaign

Carbon emission reduction is the key commitment in the Japanese giant’s 2022 announcement called Panasonic Green Impact. In this season, the campaign with a series of activities on-site and online has brought a lot of chances for the youth to really understand and practice cutting down their own carbon footprints in their daily lives. Here are some highlights of the campaign’s success:

  • Gen G Unitour: a key approach to get closer to local youngsters, a series of onsite event at six big universities in Hanoi and HCMC, with the aim to “talk, interact, listen to students” and inspire them with diverse “Gen G activities”. The events attracted more than 1,600 students, collecting more than 900 kg of used batteries, 626 kg of paper and milk cartons, more than 2,500 plastic bottles with more than 1,000 trees presented in exchange. Students enjoyed participating in carbon footprint exhibition and sharing sessions with experts and active influencers, while excitedly joining recycling workshops and visiting booths of unique and eco-friendly products.
  • The "Green Living Quiz with Gen G”: Series of online quizzes about reducing carbon footprints has been designed with the concept from learning to making actions. The activity attracted total 250,000 attempts with nearly 64,000 correct answers.
  • The Green living Challenge: the challenge for youth to act and share their green living practice which finally cut down their carbon footprints in very daily life actions. The challenge was conducted especially throughout the Lunar New Year, and became as viral as “green Tet” trend on digital platforms. Totally 3,100 green actions were shared, which contributed to total of 147 tons of CO2 reduced, equivalent to 25,000 trees planted. In a side activity, the Green Living Action photo contest launched by the Youth Union recorded nearly 5K photos of green living actions by individuals and organizations.
  • Gen G Ambassador Program, the most effortful and looked forward activities in the campaign, has created a meaningful playground for young people who are keen to study deeper and propose their own initiatives addressing issues of global warming and environment. The program received total of over 150 initiatives from more than 300 youngsters from 18 to 35 years old across Vietnam, which doubled from the last season. In which, 20 potential initiatives have entered the pitching round and 8 best of them are selected for financially support through Panasonic’s Gen G Initiative Fund. During the journey, youth participants had been provided opportunity to enrich their knowledge and sharpen their capability through the online seminars, and especially the on-site training and Panasonic’s factory visiting tour.
  • The companion of dynamic Gen G Ambassadors such as Helly Tong, Giang Oi and Thao Tam, who shared their very practical and useful advice to young people and showed case on how to live green through their actively participating in Gen G Unitour, as well as via some youth favourite channel youth including Vlog and podcast with 2.5 million views and engagements.

“With Panasonic Green Impact, we see our pioneering role in tackling global warming issue through our business and CSR activities. We also know that Vietnamese Government has been working very hard to achieve Net Zero CO2 by 2050 which settle by the PM. To generate such a big impact, we do believe we need active participation of many stakeholders, especially young generation. shared Mr. Oka Hiroyuki, Director of Panasonic Vietnam.

“Through two consecutive years of the campaign, I am positively confident about the journey of reducing emission, when I saw the strong care for environment of young people, as well as their ready attitude to take actions to create green impact for themselves and society, from the simplest daily life practices to proposing bigger-scale solutions for community. In fact, we have received very positive feedback and participation from youth in both seasons. And it proved that “Gen G” has become the new concept of a Leading Green Generation. I also believe that now youngsters have been inspired to understand more about their essential role, together with Government and corporate, in the fight against environmental issues and further create the sustainable and wellness society for Vietnam. Panasonic will always accompany with Green Generation in that journey.”

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

Top 8 Best Initiatives were announced at the awards ceremony.

One of the key activities in the mentioned closing event is the Awarding Ceremony of Gen G Ambassador program with the 08 best initiatives announced. Furthermore, 20 potential environmental initiatives had the opportunity to be introduced to the local media and community, while Gen G ambassadors in the two seasons got chance to share about their journey to make impacts with support by Panasonic.

“Gen G Ambassador is really a activity that focuses on Vietnamese youth. It is not only a contest but a program to spread green living messages from talented young people who love the environment and community to standing up with the breakthrough ideas. The green living messages from the contestants have been supported by experts from the campaign so young people can spread the "Green Initiatives" to the community, as well as spreading "green energy" to each other" shared Huynh Ngoc Thai Anh, founder of WSCA3.0 Initiative, one of Top 8 Best initiatives of Gen G Ambassador.

"I am very happy to see the strong care of young people to reducing carbon footprint, from awareness to practical actions and initiatives. We also recognize Panasonic's pioneering efforts in reducing emissions CO2 in business activities, while inspiring and empowering the young generation to responding to climate change and contribute to Vietnam's sustainable development." - shared Mr. Tran Dinh Quoc, Director of the Southern office, Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Communication, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Also, at the event, Panasonic Green Impact exhibition showcased latest environment protection practices and sustainable solutions around the world as the pioneering corporate in providing solutions to solve global issues, focus on energy efficiency, emission reduction and wellness solutions.

The "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" campaign is amongst actions towards realizing the “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT” – the Group's commitment of net zero by 2030 in Panasonic operating companies worldwide and reducing CO2 emissions by 300 million tons throughout its value chain by 2050, equivalent to 1% of current global CO2 emissions, declared by its CEO in early 2022.

The “Green Day with Gen G” event has become a weekend festival for young people, especially for who love green and wellness lifestyle. All the visitors have really enjoyed activities including carbon footprint tour, recycling handicrafts, exchanging garbage with trees. Most especially, every participant got free healthy refreshment of juice, with the concept of “refilling” - participants bring their own bottles to get the drink instead of using plastic bottles. This is to symbolize green lifestyles and encourage the youth about green and wellness living.

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

Recycling workshop activities attracted the young people

Besides this campaign, Panasonic has been consistently carrying out many extraordinary environmental initiatives in Vietnam, such as the second year of “Live Wellness, Contribute Green with Panasonic”, the largest-scale reforestation program ever with the participation of partners and customers across the country”. In the first year, the program has successfully planted 355,000 trees that contribute to Vietnam’s efforts of planting 1 billion nationwide, towards realizing the Government’s direction of Net CO2 emission and at the same time contributing to the “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT”.

Some highlighted photos of the Event:

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

Attendees learn about carbon foot-print

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

Top 20 Excellent Initiatives of Gen G Ambassador had been introduced to community

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

Sharing talkshow between Gen G Ambassadors, environmental experts and campaign ambassador.

Panasonic looks back on the journey of the

The event became a festival for young generation on the weekend