Environmental Communication

Local Environmental Contribution Activities("Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth")

This symbol represents the community contribution activities promoted by the Panasonic Group.

Panasonic Group has implemented various region-based environmental activities designed by its employees themselves, involving local residents, children, and employees' family.
It is named "Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth", with the thoughts of "linking beyond generations". We are aiming at contributing to building sustainable earth and society.
Our Company is also participating in this activity as a member of Panasonic Group. Each and every employee around the world is implementing environmental activities as a global citizen, and is trying to contribute to regional environment.
Here are examples of such activities.

Tsuyama site (Okayama, Japan)

On May 21 2020, cleanup activities around the plant were carried out in accordance with the season in the area where the plant is located.
At this time, Although the scale of the activities has been reduced due to the coronavirus, the activity is conducted twice a year, in spring and autumn.

This photo shows the community cleanup activities carried out at the factory in Okayama.
Cleanup activities on site

Panasonic Industrial Devices Taiko (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (China)

On September 21, and 22 2020, used books provided by employees were collected and donated to 13 schools.

This photo shows the activities of donating books at the factory in Shenzhen in China.
Activities to donate books

Panasonic Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Khon Kaen Branch (Thailand)

We work with local residents to clean up the area around our factory regularly to manage the local environment and landscape.

This photo shows the local environmental conservation activities carried out at the factory in Thailand.
Environmental conservation activities in local communities

Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. (Aichi, Japan)

From November 9 to 18, 2020, as part of our activities to live in harmony with the local community, we conducted cleanup activities around the company.

This photo shows the cleanup activities around the factory in Aichi prefecture.
Cleanup activities around the factory

Panasonic Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

In cooperation with the Environmental, Safety, and Energy saving Committee of Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we conduct an eco-learning program for elementary schools.
At this time (February 7, 2020) marked the 10th activity for us to promote local environmental activities by sharing topics related to environmental protection through 3Rs study sessions (as 3Rs Eco Hints).

This photo shows the study sessions on environment held by the Thai factory for elementary schools.
Study sessions on the 3Rs
This photo shows planting activities in elementary schools.
Planting activities

PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices Batam (Indonesia)

On June 2020, 100 sets of 3-colored recycling boxes for sorting waste (Green, Yellow, Red) were donated and installed at 100 locations in the city. Through these regional activities, we are deepening our understanding of the importance of the 3Rs and promoting waste sorting and recycling.

This photo shows recycling boxes for sorting that was donated and installed in the local area by the Indonesian factory.
Recycling boxes for sorting
This photo shows persons who donated and installed recycling boxes for sorting.
Donation and installation of recycling boxes

Panasonic Manufacturing Ayuthaya Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

On June 5, 2020 (World Environment Day), we distributed seedlings to employees who wish to plant trees at home. We are working to prevent global warming through tree planting activities.

This photo shows the distribution of seedlings to employees at the base in Thailand. We are working to prevent global warming by distributing them to employees who wish to seedlings at home.
Distribution of seedlings
This photo shows employees holding a handed out seedling.

Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

On October 24, 2020, about 100 employees and their families participated clean-up activity in a beach organized by New Taipei City as part of their environmental conservation activities.

This photo shows the beach cleanup activity carried out at the base in Taiwan.
Beach cleanup activity

Panasonic Device Component Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan)

On September 6, 2020, We participated in a local clean-up campaign sponsored by Japan Trade Union Confederation (JTUC) Kyoto. This event is usually held in early summer, but in fiscal 2020 it was held in September due to the coronavirus.

This photo shows the community cleanup activities carried out at the base in Kyoto.
Cleanup activities on site