Environmental Communication

Local Environmental Contribution Activities("Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth")

This symbol represents the community contribution activities promoted by the Panasonic Group.

Panasonic Group has implemented various region-based environmental activities designed by its employees themselves, involving local residents, children, and employees' family.
It is named "Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth", with the thoughts of "linking beyond generations". We are aiming at contributing to building sustainable earth and society.
Our Company is also participating in this activity as a member of Panasonic Group. Each and every employee around the world is implementing environmental activities as a global citizen, and is trying to contribute to regional environment.
Here are examples of such activities.

Tsuyama site, Electromechanical Control Business Division(Okayama, Japan)

In conjunction with the community cleanup, we clean the area around the plant. The scale has been reduced due to the pandemic, but we continue to do it every spring and fall, twice a year.

Local environmental beautification program (Okayama)

Panasonic Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Khon Kaen Branch (Thailand)

We work with local residents to clean up the area around our factory regularly to manage the local environment and landscape.

This photo shows the local environmental conservation activities carried out at the factory in Thailand.
Environmental conservation activities in local communities

Kaga Site, Industrial Device Business Division (Ishikawa, Japan)

As part of our community contribution activities, we conducted cleanup activities around the plant. (2021/10)

Local environmental beautification activities (Ishikawa)

Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. (Aichi, Japan)

As part of our community contribution activities, we conducted cleanup activities around the plant. (2021/7)

Local environmental beautification program (Aichi)

Panasonic Motor (Thailand) Co.,ltd.

We donated calendars to the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand to make teaching materials for students at the Bangkok School for the Blind. In cooperation with the Panasonic Tie Group‘s Environment, Safety and Energy Conservation Committee, we taught elementary school students about environmental conservation, energy conservation, and alternative energy. (2022/3)

Calendar donation
Environmental education for elementary school students

Kumamoto site (Kumamoto), Toyama site (Toyama), Matsue site (Shimane)
Device Solutions Business Division

At the Kumamoto site, employees participated in a volunteer flower seed planting activity sponsored by Nagomimachi. (2022/5) We also participate in the town‘s Operation Clean and contribute to local environmental beautification activities. (2022/6)

Local environmental beautification program (Kumamoto)

As part of its community contribution activities during Environment Month, the Toyama site conducted street cleaning activities around the site. (2022/6)

Local environmental beautification program (Toyama)

To beautify and improve water quality in Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji, the Matsue site participated in the 2022 Clean Up of Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji. (2022/6)

Simultaneous cleanup of Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji (Shimane)

Panasonic Electronic Devices (Jiangmen) (China)

Volunteer members participated in a community tree-planting and charity event in Jiangmen and conducted tree-planting activities. (2022/3) In addition, during World Earth Day Week, we are engaged in local environmental activities by conducting walking and green activities.

Local tree-planting activities
Walking and Green Activities

Panasonic Industrial Components Indonesia

In order to raise environmental awareness of waste and global warming, we provided children with educational activities such as waste separation through presentations, games and the production of mini lamps at local elementary schools. (2022/6) We advance social contribution activities through local environmental education activities.

Learning to Separate Waste

Panasonic Industrial Devices Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We participate in a study to restore fireflies in the Singapore National Park and promote local environmental conservation activities.

Research on fireflies

PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices Batam (Indonesia)

We conduct environmental education for the vocational high school students in the area on the introduction of renewable energy from solar power generation systems and promote CSR activities. In conjunction with the installation of the solar system, we explained the process of assembling the mini solar kit to the students.

Environmental education activities at vocational high schools

Yokkaichi site, Electronic Materials Business Division (Mie, Japan)

As part of our community contribution activities, 220 employees participated in cleanup activities around the plant. (2021/11)

Local environmental beautification activities (Mie)

Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Taiwan Co., Ltd.

We contribute to local environmental conservation by promoting environmental improvement activities such as community cleanups.

Local environmental conservation activities
Letter of thanks from the community

Panasonic Manufacturing Ayutthaya Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

As part of our CO2 reduction activities, we distributed approximately 300 seedlings to our 200 employees to grow at home.
All employees also participated in cleanup activities around the plant.

Planting activities
Local environmental beautification activities (Thailand)

Panasonic Device Component Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan)

In consideration of the impact of the coronavirus, we conducted community clean-up activities twice in fiscal 2021, in July and November.

Local environmental beautification activities (Kyoto)