Global Warming Prevention

Panasonic Group is making efforts for continual improvement in energy saving constitution, and introduction of renewable energy such as solar power generation.
Our company's CO2 emissions in fiscal 2022 were reduced by 13.7% (compared to the previous fiscal year) globally, partly due to a decrease in production.

Result (Global)

Previous fiscal year result


Outside Japan


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Energy consumption
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Reduction of CO2 emissions

Based on the Panasonic Group's new vision for a carbon-neutral society, "Panasonic GREEN IMPACT," we are promoting energy-saving activities and introduction of renewable energy to achieve net zero CO2 emissions in our production activities by 2030.

Major challenges

  • Sharing examples of activities for energy saving and introduction of renewable energy and promoting optimum standardization by using energy saving committee and intranet
  • Steady promotion of business plan with performance management and visualization
  • Reinforcement of energy saving activities at overseas sites

Energy saving case examples

  1. By Installation and optimization of operating high-efficiency typed chillers, air-conditioners, vacuum pumps, and compressors,
    and control for compressors, clean rooms and dry rooms to conserve energy
  2. Investigating the losses of operation and optimization production, air compressors, and lightings by visualization of energy consumption, and measuring to protect air leakage.
  3. Improvement in productivity of facilities and yield ratio
  4. Sharing with promotion energy saving case examples by holding energy saving network event at overseas and improve the skills of energy saving promotion members.
  5. Developing energy conservation leaders through energy conservation diagnostic activities at domestic workplaces

Introduction of renewable energy

We are promoting the introduction of large-scale solar power generation systems at our manufacturing bases in Japan and overseas.

Koriyama Plant
(Fukushima Prefecture)
Panasonic Motor
(Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.(China)
Panasonic Electronic Devices
(Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. (China)
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