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All-in-One Cooking Blender MX-HG6401KSK

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Cut, Cook, Clean.
The Blender that Does It All

Enjoy hassle-free cooking and reclaim your time. Prepare nutritious hot or cold dishes with 10 auto cooking programmes without constant supervision. One touch self cleaning.
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Cooking Blender that Does It All

Cooking Blender that Does It All
Cooking for a family with children has always been challenging. The Cooking Blender does it all so that cooking is more straightforward, takes less time, and is safer.

All-in-One Single Touch

Simply place the ingredients in the jar and let the blender do the cutting, blending, cooking, and even cleaning—no mess, no fuss.
All-in-One Single Touch

10 Auto Cooking Programmes

Enjoy various hot and cold delights with 10 preset automated cooking programmes, providing safer cooking and automated heat level control.
10 Auto Cooking Programmes

Smooth Texture for Delicious Cooking

The 3D Stainless Steel Blade with 8 Fins work in conjunction with four internal grooves to finely blend all ingredients into a smooth texture while minimising clogging.
Smooth Texture for Delicious Cooking

Better Meal Planning

Simply put in the ingredients, set the cooking timer between 2 to 12 hours, and enjoy your meal when you want it.
Better Meal Planning

One-Touch Self Cleaning

The automatic self-cleaning programme combines pulse stirring and hot water (approx. 70°C) to effectively remove grease and residue.
One-Touch Self Cleaning

Safe and Practical Design

1 Auto Shutoff Mechanism

A magnetic sensor automatically shuts off the power to the blender if the lid is open to eliminate risk of injury.
Auto Shutoff Mechanism

2 Spill Prevention

Equipped with two spill stoppers to avoid messy spillages in the kitchen.
Spill Prevention

3 1.75L Big Capacity Jug

The glass is designed to withstand extreme high and low temperatures for improved durability.
1.75L Big Capacity Jug

4 Easy to Use Control Panel

The diagonally cut panel design provides quick and intuitive operations in a natural posture.
Easy to Use Control Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can use the manual pulse mode without heat to crush up to 220g of ice cubes
(@10-20g per ice cube).

The cooking blender MX-HG6401 efficiently cut ingredients with three layers of stainless-steel blades while four internal grooves optimise the flow of the mixture in the jug, eliminating the need of stirring & sieving soymilk with consistent, smooth and thick texture. This maximizes nutritious whole food consumption.

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Size and Weight

  • One Touch Auto MenusOne Touch Auto Menus
  • Auto CleaningAuto Cleaning
  • Preset Timer up to 12 HoursPreset Timer up to 12 Hours

Heat and Blend With 10 Auto Cooking Programmes

Powerful Cutting by 3D Stainless Steel With 8 Fins

Preset Timer up to 12 Hours for Better Meal Planning

One-touch Hygienic Hot Water Cleaning

Big Capacity Glass Jug: 1.75L (Cold) / 1.4L (Hot)

Power Consumption

  • Blending: 425-465W / Heating: 800W -950W


  • 220 V-240V 50 Hz-60 Hz

Rated Working Time (Blending)

  • Continuous operation*

Rotation Speed (Setting)

  • 800 rpm (L) -12000 rpm (8/H)

Jug Capacity

  • Cold: 1.75L / Hot: 1.4L

Jug Material

  • Glass

Blade Material

  • Stainless Steel

Ice Crush

  • Yes

Automatic Mode Menu

  • 10 selections (Soy Milk, Corn Milk, Nut Milk, Baby Food, Porridge, Soup, Healthy Soup, Milk Shake, Fruit Jam, Chili Sauce)

Manual Mode Menu

  • 12 selections (L, P, O, 1-8, H)


  • Measuring Cup/Scraper/Brush

Dimensions (H×W×D)

  • 429×268×234 mm


  • 4.5 kg

Body Colour

  • Black


  • *In Manual mode, the appliance continues to operate for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, it automatically stops blending and returns to the initial screen and needs to rest for 6 minutes.



Photo of All-in-One Cooking Blender MX-HG6401KSK

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