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Panasonic Microwave Ovens: A History of Innovation and Developer’s Spirit

Panasonic Microwave Ovens: A History of Innovation and Developer’s Spirit

―Inheriting 30 Years of Development Dreams―

Panasonic Microwave Ovens: A History of Innovation and Developer’s Spirit

Literally filled with the spirit to provide more abundant culinary lifestyles, convenience and comfort, Panasonic microwave ovens have continued to evolve in order to meet customer needs in every age. In 2018, inverter technologies, which are essential to microwave oven evolution, will mark their 30th anniversary since first being incorporated in microwave ovens.


Easy-to-use home appliances

When Panasonic began marketing microwave ovens in 1965, the main development topics were the oven's weight and ease of use. The desire to lessen the burden of home cooking led to the industry's first use of inverter technology and resulted in the development of lighter, easier-to-use microwave ovens.


Aiming for energy-saving efficiency

As global attention turned to environmental conservation, developers were challenged by the need to improve the microwave oven's power output in order to save energy. By enhancing the inverter parts, cooking could be achieved with higher power.


Insisting on easy use

Panasonic introduced the flatbed type microwave oven, with its space-saving design yet spacious interior for preparing large amounts of food all at once. And in addition to easy cooking, care was taken to enable easy clean-up as well, and easy use overall.


Appliances for all types of cooking

In order to speed up cooking and increase the variety of home-cooked meals, the inverter was improved even more to allow both high-power and low-power output. This made it possible to combine microwave cooking with grill and other types of oven cooking. The output and time can also be automatically controlled with a single touch of a button, using the handy Auto Menu function.


Less Fuss, Shorter Cooking Time

Utilizing simultaneous cooking technology that combines an oven and a grill, a "grill pan" has been newly developed. The grill pan absorbs microwaves and changes them into heat, so food can be cooked from above with a heater and from below with the heat of the grill pan. As a result, both the top and bottom are cooked to a crispy brown without having to turn the food over.


Dissatisfaction with Oven Heating Is Resolved

Uneven heating is one of the most common dissatisfactions with microwave oven users. To achieve the kind of heating and defrosting that users want, accumulated microwave oven development knowhow was collected to uniformly diffuse microwaves. This made it possible to shorten cooking times and allow anybody to achieve delicious heating and defrosting.


Inheriting development dreams

It has been 30 years since the inverter was first incorporated into microwave ovens. Even though customer demands change with the age, the desire of developers to improve lifestyles with microwave ovens has never changed, and will continue long into the future.