Together with Panasonic Vietnam to support Japanese spirit of “avoiding waste” at Mottainai 2019

Hanoi, 8th December 2019, 270 members of Panasonic Vietnam were excited to participate in a charity program Mottainai 2019 "Giving love, receiving happiness", donating nearly 30 million dong to support orphans and children affected by traffic accidents.

The 7th Mottainai 2019 is organized by Vietnam Women's Newspaper at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, with the sponsorship of Vietnam Women's Union, the Embassy of Japan along with Panasonic Vietnam and other organizations, have attracted thousands of people to attend.


Many Panasonic employees and their family were excited to join Mottainai Run

With the business philosophy of contributing to society for more than 100 years and the commitment to bring "Live Your Best", Panasonic not only focuses on business development but also strives to promoting corporate social responsibility activities (CSR) that aims to realize the UN's sustainable development goals.

“Each Panasonic member is an active nucleus in CSR activities, we are always aware that all have a role to play as an ambassador to communicate the message of sustainable development. Participating in Mottainai will help us spread the spirit of "avoiding waste", approciate reuse and recycle. At the same time, we can together with the community and promote the spirit of Olympic sports”, Mr. Kazuhiro Matsushita, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam emphasized.

Along with charity activities, Panasonic also organize booths to introduce recycling activities, collect used batteries and introduce eco-batteries. In addition, the booths also introduced the theme of "Sharing the Passion", cheering the sports spirit towards Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games.

Together with Panasonic Vietnam to support Japanese spirit of “avoiding waste” at Mottainai 2019

Recycling games to promote the message of “Avoiding waste”

Together with Panasonic Vietnam to support Japanese spirit of “avoiding waste” at Mottainai 2019

Old batteries exchange to raise awareness about environment protection

At the booth, in addition to recycling activities conducted by volunteers of Panasonic Risupia Science and Technology Center, eco battery free exchange program received the attention and support of many people. Visitors could bring used batteries in exchange for Panasonic's Alkaline batteries with outstanding performance and absolute safety. This type of battery is environmentally friendly because it does not use toxic materials and does not contain three heavy metals that endanger the health of users and the environment are lead, mercury and cadmium.

Visitors also were interested to learn about the sporting spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which Panasonic has been one of the official global partners from 1988 (with Olympic) and 2014 (with Paralympic). With a variety of technologies and rich experiences, Panasonic will continue to provide a range of solutions to help people around the world share their passion, sports spirit, efforts to overcome themselves and rise to the top.

Together with Panasonic Vietnam to support Japanese spirit of “avoiding waste” at Mottainai 2019

All Panasonic participants were happy to join in such a meaningful activity as Mottainai

In Japanese, "Mottainai" means "Waste", this is also the origin of the meaning of the program. Mottainai "Giving Love - Receiving Happiness" is a prestigious annual event initiated by the Vietnam Women's Newspaper based on the purchase and sale of second hand goods that are meant to save and avoid waste of Japan. Not only that, the collection of used items, sale, auction is conducted to raise funds for disadvantaged children, especially orphans or children affected by traffic accidents. From which, Mottainai has been upgraded to become a nationwide rich in humanity activity.

Mottainai 2019 took place from 8:00 to 17:00 Sunday, December 8, 2019 in Hoan Kiem Lake area, Hanoi with many activities such as Charity Runs, auctions, fundraising, stalls and Cultural shows imbued with Japanese culture.