More than 3,600 students participated in “Painting for Forest planting” with Panasonic

Hanoi, June 17 2022 – Panasonic Vietnam cooperates with the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication (CNREC) - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment held the awards ceremony for the contest “Painting for forest planting” - a meaningful playground for students nationwide in which each painting helps raise one forest tree in Xuan Lien Natural Reserve. The contest received more than 3,600 paintings, seven of which were awarded as top prizes. Also at the event, Panasonic Vietnam and CNREC signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance the cooperation between the parties in environment and education activities.

The contest “Painting for forest planting” was organized by Panasonic in March on the occasion of Earth hour in the cooperation with Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication (CNREC), aiming at not only creating a fun and artistic activity for students, but also increasing their awareness about environment, enabling students to convey their own message about environment protection through their personal works. The special highlight of this program attracted students even being implemented during pandemic that it is the first time students nationwide can contribute to forest planting, in respond to the “1 billion green trees for Vietnam” program by Vietnamese government. It is also the spirit conveyed in “Panasonic Green impact” declared early this year towards CO2 emission neutralization within Panasonic group globally.

More than 3,600 students participated in “Painting for Forest planting” with Panasonic

Students have opportunity to see their impressive paintings in an exhibition

More than 3,600 students participated in “Painting for Forest planting” with Panasonic

Students with the most outstanding paintings receive the award from representatives of Panasonic and CNREC

Mr. Marukawa Yoichi, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam shared: “Over the past two years, we all affected a lot by the COVID-19, not only Panasonic but also the whole society, including students. But I believe we have to move forward, that's why we keep focus and enhance our activities in education and environment. I am very happy to see how much Vietnam children, schools and parents love Environment and ready to take action together to make a sustainable Vietnam. This is a new activity on top of our annual tree planting program, where we aim to generate more values from the society by encouraging students to participate, plant forest together with Panasonic. Beyond our joy and surprise, we have received over 3,600 paintings from students of 07 provinces over the country, which is more than doubled our initial target. Therefore, after finishing planting the first batch of 1,500 trees in April, we shall plant the rest 2,100 trees in August. This is very meaningful for Panasonic as 2022 is also the first year in new journey for the next 50 years in Vietnam, towards realizing Wellness and sustainable development of Vietnam. We also plan a very special tree planting program in 2022, with the biggest scale of tree planting ever done by Panasonic in Vietnam, with participation of our customers and business partners in the whole country.”

At the ceremony, Panasonic Vietnam and Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication (CNREC) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote environment and education activities toward 2025, including eco learning and STEM experiencing classes through activities at local schools, and online.

More than 3,600 students participated in “Painting for Forest planting” with Panasonic

The MOU signing between Panasonic and the Resource and Environment Communication Center

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung, Director of Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment excitedly shared: "The contest brought to us interesting perspectives of students on environment issue. I am very surprised to find that today's students are having great knowledge and awareness about environmental protection. They showed us that even our awareness has to be improved. Under the cooperation with Panasonic, we will implement the program "Panasonic for sustainable schools" in order to create a meaningful playground for students, deliver knowledge environmental protection, climate change responding and sustainable development."

Panasonic is well-known not only for the no. 1 trusted Japan brand with leading technology in Vietnam, but also an enterprise putting high focus in long term citizenship responsibilities, including programs:

  • "Panasonic for a green Vietnam” (2013 until now): planted over 250,000 trees in 10 provinces, across Vietnam in the annual tree planting program.
  • Panasonic Risupia Vietnam (2010-2021), a playground for Vietnamese students of all ages, stimulating their passion for science and technology.
  • Panasonic Scholarship grants more than 160 scholar to Vietnamese students with total value of over VND 53 billion since 2004.
  • Kid Witness News (2006 until now): a global video education program with the aim of boosting creativity, communication skills and fostering teamwork through video production by children at the elementary and junior high school levels
  • Eco learning program: aiming to raise awareness and actions of students on environment protection
  • Battery exchange program: collect used batteries of all kinds in exchange for Panasonic “green” batteries (free of toxicants such as lead, mercury, cadmium)
  • Other sponsorship activities for schools, hospitals, local communities etc….