Panasonic Vietnam’s General Director new year message for 2021

Panasonic Vietnam’s General Director message 2021

Dear all Customers, Valued Business partners, and our colleagues,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of you for your great support and various efforts throughout the challenging year of 2020 under COVID-19 pandemic.

During this year, I can always experience the united spirit in our great “Panasonic family”.
The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the world drastically in all aspects, including our daily life and business activities. Despite many difficulties, thanks to rapid and strong actions of the government as well as respective Vietnamese, we quickly establish a new normal state which allows us to continue our business.

I do feel impressed with that Vietnam can realize 4.5% GDP Growth in Q4 and show drastic recovery by well controlling COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Vietnam became the only country with growing GDP among ASEAN countries in 2020.

Besides, I would like to extend my deep sympathy to the Central of Vietnam where people had to confront with catastrophic natural disasters, such as floods and landslides which caused many losses. However, I could feel the synergy and solidarity of Vietnamese people during such a difficult time, making me to reflect on how Japanese and Vietnamese are similar.

Furthermore, taking this opportunity, I would like to appreciate all of Panasonic Vietnam team’s efforts. Even though facing with unfavorable conditions, we could ensure safety for our customers and employees to successfully run business, leading the market with record high market-share in home appliances, thanks to the support of our valued partners as well. I am very much proud that Panasonic washers were honored with the Most Energy Efficient Products 2020 Award by the Ministry of Industry and Trade also.

Now it is a right time for heading toward the new year 2021, a very special milestone marking our official 50th year in Vietnam.

Since establishment, we have strived to provide good products and services with reasonable price in order to improve life quality of Vietnamese people. We have been expanding business to a full scale with not only manufacturing but R&D, sales, marketing, customer service, and various CSR activities. During this journey, under Japanese quality, I am proud that we have been accompanying many Vietnamese generations and become one of trusted top brand in people’s heart.

In 2020, at the threshold of 50 years, I have reflected on our business, announced our new VISION, direction and proposition becoming a Wellness Solutions Providing Company, focusing on health, safety and comfort of each individual while addressing social issues in Vietnam.

Over the next 50 years, we shall continue our commitment to be a part of Vietnam and realize sustainable development in this country, with the strength of manufacturing, R&D, new technologies, and CSR activities.

I do expect the coming year of 2021 will be very exciting for all of us to change our mind and strain our efforts to grasp new opportunities. Let us together strive towards new challenges with a spirit of Olympic athletes. Let us share with you the passion of Tokyo Olympic which is coming, and Panasonic is always accompanying these games with more than a partner!

I sincerely wish you and your family a year full of health, happiness and prosperity!


Yours faithfully,

Marukawa Yoichi