Panasonic launches new factory in Binh Duong for Indoor Air Quality Devices

Binh Duong, September 27 2021 – Panasonic has completed a new factory in Binh Duong Province, and will start the production and shipment of ceiling fans and ventilating fans from October 13. This is the first factory in the Panasonic Group to handle this product category in Vietnam, aiming to improve indoor air quality for better people's lives and sustainable development of the country. In the future, a research and development department will also be established, allowing the site to operate with an integration of development, manufacturing, and sales.

As a Total Wellness Solution Providing Company, with establishment of the new factory, Panasonic will provide healthy and comfortable indoor environment for people by supplying high quality and energy efficient indoor air quality related devices and solutions in Vietnam, Asia, and other global markets.

  • Challenges and efforts to improve Air Quality in Vietnam

The Air Quality Index (AQI) (*3) shows that air pollution levels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City ranked 1st and 3rd respectively in the world in fiscal year 2019 (*4). Population growth coupled with the gas emission from motorcycles and cars due to rapid urbanization makes air pollution increasingly severe, its negative impact is estimated to cost up to 5% of GDP (*5) and become a serious economic and social problem. Therefore, it is a growing concern of Vietnam to balance economic growth with environmental protection for future development.

In addition, the improvement of air quality in close space such as homes, schools, and offices, etc., where people spend most of their time in a day, is also being requested by Vietnam’s governing bodies. The Ministry of Construction of Vietnam and Vietnam Association of Civil Engineering Environment (VACEE) are standardizing national criteria for construction design, building materials and ventilation system, etc. as a solution to help minimize negative impact on health. In Vietnam, Panasonic has been introducing sustainable technologies and solutions that bring economic efficiency and supporting ventilation standardization, through a comprehensive cooperation with relevant ministries and organizations.

  • Market leader in ceiling fans and ventilating fans (*6)

Panasonic is holding a large market share in Vietnam in the field of ceiling fans and ventilating fans. With strengths of high quality, technology, reliability, and brand values ​​that have been cultivated over 100 years of operation, it strives to build faster supply chain through setting up a factory to manufacture products in Vietnam. At the same time, Panasonic has been conducting activities such as local seminars and exhibitions on ventilation since the late 1990s in order to showcase effective ventilation solutions in Vietnam market and help to solve air quality problems.

Panasonic launches new factory in Binh Duong for Indoor Air Quality Devices

Panasonic ceiling fans and ventilating fans

Panasonic launches new factory in Binh Duong for Indoor Air Quality Devices

Panasonic Ceiling Mount Ventilation Fan

  • The new Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) factory in Binh Duong province

Located on a site of 49,995 square meters in Binh Duong province, the new factory has a gross floor area of 24,066 square meters, which can be expanded in the future. This factory will start with production of ceiling fans for the Vietnamese market and add ventilating fans in fiscal year 2022. It is becoming a main production hub in region, where produces ventilating products not only for Vietnam market, but also for the Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In the future, Panasonic will also focus on training and developing local human resource. A research and development (R&D) department on indoor air quality solutions will be established on the site to develop products tailored to each country's lifestyles and needs, thereby allowing it to operate as a factory that integrates development, manufacturing, and sales.

  • The companion journey of Panasonic and Vietnam in the future

During 50 years since its official presence in Vietnam, Panasonic has been constantly expanding production and business activities in many sectors, along with active corporate citizenship activities to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Considering Vietnam as an important market in its investment, Panasonic has declared its business direction for the next 50 years, becoming a Total Wellness Solutions Providing Company, pioneering in human-oriented technology, at the same time, proposing solutions to critical social problems, to bring a healthy, safe and comfortable life to Vietnamese people and sustainable development of the country. The establishment of new factory is an important step towards realizing this vision through contributing to improve indoor air quality and environment in Vietnam.

  • Overview of the Vietnam factory

[Company name] Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam Co. Ltd.
[Name] Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam Co. Ltd. IAQ factory
[Factory site area] 49,995 m²
[Factory gross floor area] 24,066 m²
[Investment amount] 45 million US dollars (approx. 5 billion yen)
[Production items] Ceiling fans, ventilating fans
[Production volume] Approx. 3 million units in FY2025
[Supply destination] Vietnam, Asia, Middle East


*1: Abbreviation for Indoor Air Quality.
*2: Abbreviation for Research and Development.
*3: Abbreviation for Air Quality Index.
*4: Air Quality Index (AQI) data as of 8:50 a.m. on September 26, 2019 (Source)
*5: (Source)
*6: According to Company research as of June 17, 2021

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