Panasonic launches the campaign "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" towards a Green, Wellness and sustainable lifestyle for the young generation, pioneering in solving the problem of global warming

Hanoi, December 4, 2022 – Panasonic Vietnam officially launched the campaign “Live Green and Wellness with Gen G” to inspire Vietnamese young people and all concerned public, to lead an environment-friendly and comprehensively healthy lifestyle, actively contributing to wellness and sustainable development of Vietnam. The campaign includes a variety of online and offline activities aimed at promoting awareness, giving empowerment and facilitating capacity building for Vietnamese youth in the topic of environment and global warming. The program is accompanied by the Center for Natural Resources and Environment and Communication - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and other partners such as the United Nations Development Program, NGOs and youth networks of the Central Youth Union….

Panasonic launches the campaign

Campaign “Live Green and Wellness with Gen G” aims at inspiring a green generation with a Green, Wellness and sustainable lifestyle

The "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" campaign is amongst actions towards realizing the Panasonic Group's commitment “Panasonic Green Impact”, which was announced in January this year, where CEO Yuki Kusumi has firmly declared the Group’s ambitious commitment of net zero by 2030 in Panasonic operating companies worldwide by 2050 and reducing CO2 emissions by 300 million tons throughout its value chain by 2050, equivalent to 1% of current global CO2 emissions.

With Panasonic Green Impact, we see our pioneering role in tackling global warming issue through our business and CSR activities. This program invites Vietnamese young people to join in “GEN G” – our new concept of a Leading Green Generation. I believe that You - youngsters - can be a driving force and an inspiration for the whole society to generate positive impact. And GEN G will be a new definition of coolness lifestyle for Vietnamese young people, with full of energy, empowerment, knowledge and skillset to ACT GREEN, LIVE WELLNESS not only for themselves, but the whole community and society.” – Mr. Marukawa Yoichi, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam shared.

Accompanying young Vietnamese people, this time, Panasonic introduces GEN G - actually a brand-new concept which is not only restricted to gen Z or young people. However, the highlight of this generation is modelled through a group of young and very active “ambassadors”, especially, need to count in Khanh Vy and Helly Tong as the 2 very dynamic representatives for Vietnamese youngsters who are not only young and talented, but also well-known for their leading roles in social-environment activities Moreover, they are accompanied by their Metaverse friend Hina Nguyen, a figure of eager-to-discover and eager-to-learn-for-a-better-everyday typical Vietnamese youth.

Panasonic launches the campaign

Campaign "Live Green and Wellness with gen G" with dynamic and enthusiastic GEN-G ambassadors in environmental activities

A variety of stories and activities will be built around those characters, which is expected to draw attention of genZ. Along the process of participating in those activities, genZ will be joinging as driving force of GEN G, and empowered to contribute their very important part to their community and Vietnam in general. To name some activities, they are:

  • Let’s learn and inspire a new lifestyle with Hina Nguyen: through short but inspirational video clips, the journey of Hina and other GenG Ambassadors will be revealed to youngsters in a cheering and practical way which expect to generate values to young people themselves. They can learn how to decorate their house with Helly Tong and Hina, have a sharing from MC Khanh Vy about her useful tips in her daily very busy schedule, or learn with Hina how to manage personal finance and do energy efficient tips daily etc…
  • Participate in 7-day challenge movement online with best practice sharing over Tet holiday and later on, join with Panasonic in its “Contribute to society” activities. In this movement, Panasonic collaborate with CNREC and other NGO such as Live and Learn, CFC… aiming to generate valuable chances for young people to take action, especially during Tet holiday, when we need to double our attention to environment and wellness with issues such as trash/garbage collecting, protecting ponds and rivers, cleaning house, healthy diet etc…
  • Gen G Ambassador Program is a meaningful playground for those who are keen to study deeper and propose their own initiatives addressing issues of global warming and environment. Youngsters can participate by registering their initial initiatives, they will be driven through a process of combined online training with field trip, offline training camp, etc, with the support of Panasonic and experts in different fields, to step by step sharpen their knowledge, capacity and skillset to validate such initiative into a project. The best projects can be granted financial support by Panasonic to start its journey into real life, to deliver real values to community.

Accompanying the program, Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung – Director of the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication shared: “This campaign of Panasonic continues to bring meaningful messages and activities to improve the quality of life. Community awareness, encouraging society to live green together, is a great opportunity to help spread awareness about environmental protection and emission reduction to the entire community and society. We appreciate the practicality of the program and Panasonic’s joint efforts with the government and the community in their efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Besides this campaign, Panasonic has been consistently carrying out a number of initiatives in Vietnam, such as the “Live Wellness, Contribute Green with Panasonic", also launched in Oct this year, the largest-scale reforestation program ever with the participation of partners and customers across the country, in response to the Government’s call to tackle climate change and to continue the journey “for a green Vietnam”. The program aims to contributes to Vietnam’s efforts to plant 1 billion trees nationwide, realizing net CO2 emission of Vietnam by 2050 as PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc declared in UN COP26 last year, and at the same time contributing to the “Panasonic Green Impact”.

In Vietnam, for the past few years, Panasonic is always a brand having been actively implemented various social responsibility programs for environment. It has devoted many efforts for various activities to raise public awareness about environmental protection such as organizing environmental classes for local students, inspiring future generations through “Paintings to donate trees” competition, or the film-making program Kid Witness News.

With such efforts and enthusiasm, the "Live Green and Wellness with Gen G" campaign continues Panasonic’s mission and vision towards “Panasonic Green Impact” globally and realize its vision of Wellness and sustainability for Vietnam in the next 50 years particularly.

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