Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Thanh Hoa, April 15th - Panasonic Vietnam held the Panasonic Eco relay Tree planting program and donated 13,500 trees at Xuan Lien Natural Reserve and neighboring area. This year remarks the 10th year of “Panasonic for a Green Vietnam” contributing total of more than 260,000 trees across Vietnam, with participation of nearly 100 employees in Panasonic Vietnam group companies. This activity also aims to realize its next 50 year’s vision of wellness and sustainable development for Vietnam and contribute to Net Zero CO2 emission commitment in Panasonic Green Impact.

The event was held on field after 2 year interruption of COVID19, with participating of nearly 100 Panasonic’ employees in cooperation with the local authorities and local people to plant 13,000 trees donated by Panasonic Vietnam Group companies including Dipterocarpus alatus, Pterocarpus macrocarpus Kurz and Michelia tonkineni, which are carefully chosen in accordance with expertise consultant of Xuan Lien Management Board to maximize their growth. In addition, 500 trees of Baccaurea sapida has been planted on the village road at Bản Mạ village and Tiến Sơn village, to creating green landscape and foster the sustainable tourism development.

Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Nearly 100 Panasonic employees participated in this meaningful activity at Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Thanh Hoa

Tree planting is the main activity in the framework of Eco Relay, the global initiative of Panasonic aim at inspiring each employee to be a “sustainable ambassador”, to convey the message of environment protection and the inspiration of sustainable development to communities. In addition to planting tree, Panasonic's employees have joined together in various meaningful activities to support Xuan Lien Nature Reserve and neighboring area such as: Eco-learning class for students, Sustainable tourism Workshop for local residents to develop their capacity of inviting tourists ... This is the first-time after more than two years the program suspended by pandemic, employees can actively join onsite and directly contribute to the tree planting and local supporting activities.

Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Mr. Oka Hiroyuki, Director of Panasonic Vietnam shared: “Environment has been always put at the core in Panasonic’s activities for over 50 years presenting in Vietnam. That’s why we consistently implement the annual tree planting program for 10 consecutive years, to offer such meaningful opportunity for our employees to join-hand contributing for a green Vietnam and spread out the message of wellness and sustainable development to community. Besides that, we aim to contribute our small part to Vietnam’s efforts of planting 1 billion trees nationwide, as well as the country’s target of Net Zero CO2 by 2050, which I believe are in-line with Panasonic Green Impact – the Group’s commitment to reduce CO2 emission to fight against global warming. This year is also remarking the special occasion of 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan. Therefore, we shall enhance our activities to contribute even more to realize Wellness and Sustainability for Vietnamese.

The "Panasonic for a green Vietnam” program started in 2013. This year, the company choose to plant in the natural reserve of Xuan Lien, Thanh Hoa as this area plays a very important role for its location in the upper forested watershed of the Chu River, covering an area of ​​about 27,668 ha, including natural forests, rivers and lakes that plays the role of protecting water sources for domestic use and irrigation for millions of people in Thanh Hoa province and surrounding areas, while also keeps underwater, preventing erosion, landslides, and reduce floods. It also has a high level of biodiversity, with the habitat of many rare and precious plant and animal species listed in the Vietnam Red Book. In addition, the reserve has many impressive scenes such as Cua Dat lake and the attractive culture of the Thai and Muong ethnic groups. This is an extremely valuable resource that leverage the potential to develop ecotourism activities in Xuan Lien.

In addition to tree planting at reserve areas, Panasonic’s employees also planted 500 Baccaurea sapida trees, and participated in cleaning up at 1.5 kilometers of village roads at Bản Mạ village and Tiến Sơn village, the two close-by village, to create more green space for local area as well as promote local tourism.

Tran Thao Linh, members of Panasonic Vietnam shared: "Volunteering activities in this weekend is a bonding time and an opportunity for each Panasonic members to become an "environmental ambassador", contributing a small part for a green Vietnam. It becomes even more special when the program was held at the same day with Earth Day (22th April) that make us more understand about our responsibilities, and spread-out the message about environmental protection to communities.”

Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Panasonic’s employees also planted trees, and cleaning up the village road

Besides this Panasonic Eco relay program, Panasonic has just completed planting over 360,000 trees in 13 provinces nationwide, in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Natural resources, which marks as its biggest tree planting project in Vietnam, with active participation of its customers and business partners, to realize the next 50 year’s Wellness vision.

Other CSR activities conducted by Panasonic employees during this 2 days field trip crossing nearly 200 km distance away from Hanoi, include:

Eco-learning Class for local students: more than 150 students at grade 6 and 7 has learned more about environment protection through a joyful and interactive sessions, to understand about green living through daily simple actions such as reducing wastes, saving
Sustainable tourism workshop: about 50 local authorities’ staff and local people working in tourism sector had been shared by expert on how to develop the Community-Based Tourism at Xuan Lien and neighboring village. The session focused on bringing more knowledge for participants, on how to enhance tourist’s experiences based on incredible richness of nature biodiversity of Xuan Lien, while ensure the protection to nature and environment.

Wrap-up video of key activities during two days of the program

Some highlight of meaningful activities during 2 days of Panasonic Eco Relay program in Xuan Lien, Thanh Hoa.

Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Local students shared about environmental protection at Eco Learning class

Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Local people shared with Expert on community tourism development

Panasonic remark its 10 years journey of Eco relay contributing “for a Green Vietnam”

Panasonic employees planted 1,000 trees out of a total of 13,000 donated by the company to Xuan Lien