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4 Winter Hair Care Hacks You (and Your Locks) Will Love

4 Winter Hair Care Hacks You (and Your Locks) Will Love

4 Winter Hair Care Hacks You (and Your Locks) Will Love

It’s that time of year again when everyone is throwing on knitted jumpers, puffer jackets and heavy coats to keep warm and comfy during those cold winter days and nights. While you may be toasty and snug, what about your poor hair? Dry and cold winter conditions can result in dehydration, static and frizz, which can lead to bad hair days or even worse, damage to your hair.

A recent Panasonic survey ranked hair damage as the top concern for women buying a hair dryer. Panasonic’s hair dryers and our latest Hydrating Hair Straightener come equipped with moisturising Nanoe technology, which is proven to reduce visible hair damage like split ends and frizz – essential for the winter months! To help your hair flourish and look its absolute best this season, we’ve compiled 4 easy hacks which you and your hair will love.

4 Winter Hair Care Hacks You (and Your Locks) Will Love

1. Avoid Scorching Showers & Wash Your Hair Less Often

We all know how easy it is to turn up your shower to the highest temperature when it’s icy outside, but the heat can cause moisture loss for your scalp and hair, and lead to brittle locks. To avoid dryness and irritation, it is recommended that you wash your hair 2 – 3 times a week with warm water during winter.

2. Hydration Is Key

You’re probably familiar with the fact that hydration, both from the inside and out, is key. Drinking around 2 litres of water daily will help maintain a healthy scalp, as well as prevent issues such as dryness, itchiness and dandruff during the winter months. On top of all that, water can also invigorate and encourage hair growth from root to tip.

Big fan of hair styling? Make sure you use damage reducing and hydrating heat styling products which will take care of your hair, like Panasonic’s latest Hydrating Hair Straightener.

Panasonic EH-HS99: A heat damage reducing hair straightener for healthier hair. Combats frizz, boosts shine and guarantees salon-style hair all day, every day. Warning: may provoke hair envy.

If that wasn’t enough, hydrating masks are a great addition to your weekly winter hair regime, restoring your locks’ natural oils and maximising shine.

3. Pick The Right Head Gear For Winter

Defend your locks from the harsh winter elements like dry air, snow, wind and rain by wearing a hoodie or a beanie hat. Head gear lined with fabrics like wool or cotton should be avoided as they can cause hair breakage. Instead, go for a beanie or a silk or satin-lined hat to help protect your hair from damage.

4. Trim Those Locks

Maintain your hair health and keep your locks looking fresh by ensuring you get a regular hair cut or trim every 4 – 8 weeks. Only a couple of centimetres off your hair can reduce the risk of developing dry, split ends.

We hope you find these tips helpful and easy to incorporate into your winter hair regime. And let’s all agree to more TLC for our locks in the chilly months ahead!

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