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Top Beauty Tips from Pro Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Lyndsey Harrison


Top Beauty Tips from Pro Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Lyndsey Harrison

With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Lyndsey Harrison is the go-to celebrity makeup artist for the likes of Lydia Bright and Denise Van Outen. From Starring on ITVbe’s Be Beautiful, to running her own makeup academy, Lyndsey’s a true authority on all things hair and beauty, and has shared her top tips for day-to-night hair and makeup with us today.

Panasonic Beauty


  • You don’t need to take your makeup off and start again when going from day to night, on shoots we often top up makeup, and give it a heavier, more glam finish for the evening
  • To refresh your look for the evening, reapply your eyeshadow to intensify. Make sure you stick to the same colour palette you had in the morning, but make it more glam by using your finger to press some glitter on top of the shadow. Focus this on the centre of the eyelid
  • Always line the eye for an evening look, it really defines the eye and gives an instant evening feel. I like to use a liner for the top of the eyelid and then the same liner in the water line for a smoky smouldering finish
  • If you have any shiny areas on the face, powder these out.
  • Finish your day-to-night look with a super glossy lip.


  • For an immediate root lift, I spray dry shampoo into my roots, this gives instant volume
  • I take my Panasonic hair straightener (EH-HS99) and just curl the front of my hair around the face, then curl two or three extra pieces of hair to revive my waves that have dropped. If your hair is straight, go in with the iron and bend the ends under and give it a cool 90s sleek feel
  • I always finish my hair by tousling my waves out with my fingers and setting with hairspray
  • A good tip for finishing the look is to spray your finger and thumb with hairspray and tweak any areas that need a firmer finish, for me, this is my fringe

For more top hair and beauty tips, visit Lyndsey’s Instagram @LyndseyHarr1son