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The Best Hair Dryers for On-the-Go Styling


The Best Hair Dryers for On-the-Go Styling

Whether you’re off on another business trip, heading to your third event of the week, or consistently falling victim to the morning rush, living a busy lifestyle shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on looking great and feeling good.

Hair wash day needn’t take up hours of your precious time, and with the right hair dryer, you can achieve a good hair day, every day, taking care of your hair and scalp whilst achieving your desired style. So, from the frequent traveler to the every-day eventer, which hair dryer is the one for you and your on-the-go lifestyle?

The Best Hair Dryers for On-the-Go Styling

For the frequent traveler

When you find yourself moving from place to place frequently, you need a hair dryer that moves with you. Easy to pack, but without compromise on the technology and care for your hair. That’s where the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer comes in:

  • Boosted with Panasonic’s Nanoe™ and Double Mineral technology, proven to reduce visible hair damage, the Hair Dryer tackles the visible signs of damage such as lack of shine, frizz, dryness, dullness and split ends
  • Travelling got you and your hair feeling stressed? The innovative Hair Dryer also makes hair damage resistant over time. Actively eliminating static to reduce frizz, the intelligent temperature sensor continuously adjusts the dryer heat to prevent any heat damage
  • Perfect for those with a dry scalp, the Hair Dryer also offers 360°care for your hair, scalp and skin, with Hot, Hot&Cold, Skin and Scalp modes. Helping mitigate scalp and skin dryness, the Scalp Mode and Skin Mode work to deliver moisture ions to scalp and facial skin, with 90% of users reporting improvement in scalp dryness after just five weeks of usage
  • That’s not all, the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer also features a foldable handle, ensuring easy storage and transport when travelling

For the always in a rush

Does every morning feel like you’re running a marathon? Being busy shouldn’t dull your shine. Enter the Panasonic EH-NA67 Hair Dryer, perfect for sensitive scalp and fine hair, it’s complete with an array of innovative tech to style your tresses swiftly, yet safely:

  • Innovative oscillating quick dry nozzle, meaning airflow moves through the hair, protecting the hair and scalp from excessive heat whilst drying fast
  • Helps prevent damage from brushing with unique nanoe™ technology, drawing moisture from the air to create tiny, atomised water particles that penetrate your hair as you style
  • Retains moisture balance in your hair, giving a healthy, flawless shine, and reducing damage
  • Three attachments - An oscillating quick-dry nozzle, concentrator and diffuser
  • Three speeds, four temperature settings and a cool shot button

For the every evening eventer

Events can be fun, but the pressure of maintaining a perfect look can really leave you feeling the heat. Needing to style and restyle your hair most evenings? The Panasonic EH-NA67 Hair Dryer is perfect for you:

  • With Panasonic’s Nanoe™ technology, the Hair Dryer suppresses static electricity, meaning rogue flyaways are a thing of the past, so long out-of-place strands ruining your style!
  • Reducing frizz and improving shine too, whether you’re going for a classic blow dry or sleek style, your evening look is sure to have them staring for all the right reasons
  • With three attachments, an oscillating quick-dry nozzle, concentrator and diffuser, you’ll have all you need to style your chosen look
  • Alongside three speeds and four temperature settings, it’s also complete with a cool shot button, locking in your chosen style and helping it stay in place all night long
The Best Hair Dryers for On-the-Go Styling

So, when it comes to a hair-tic schedule, whether it’s an evening of events or a morning of mayhem, Panasonic’s got you covered from scalp to strands.

One of the headline features of the new Lumix GH6 is its ability to record Apple ProRes directly to the memory card without the need for an external recorder. This is a big draw for videographers and film makers for a number of reasons, all of which revolve around the absolute convenience of the format and its power to make life a whole lot easier.

With previous Lumix models, recording in ProRes meant attaching an external recorder, such as the Atomos Ninja V or the Blackmagic Video Assist series, via HDMI. These recorders give us a nice big view of what we are shooting via their 5in/7in displays, but they also add weight to your camera rig and require feeding with batteries. The Lumix GH6 certainly doesn’t make these recorders redundant, but it does allow many more occasions in which we can record in ProRes with a lightweight camera set-up. It also means if you don’t have an external recorder ProRes is now an option for your production.

What’s so good about ProRes?

The ProRes format in itself doesn’t deliver dramatically better quality footage than the standard H.264 and H.265 options your Lumix camera offers, and if you watched finished clips made in any of these formats you wouldn’t be able to tell which was shot in what mode. You may know though, from your own experience, that some video resolutions and formats play easier in your video editing software than others. That experience may have taught you to avoid the highest resolution or highest quality settings that your camera offers – simply because your editing set-up can’t handle the files very well.