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Best hair drying tips to prevent damage to your hair


Best hair drying tips to prevent damage to your hair

We are all guilty of rushing around in the mornings before work, frantically trying to juggle coffee in one hand and hairdryer in the other, however failing to follow the steps below can result in bad hair days that look like a whole lot of frizz, static and dehydration.

Swapping out old habits and choosing the correct tools will ensure damaged or fragile hair will be a thing of the past - your hair will thank us later!

Best hair drying tips to prevent damage to your hair

Toss the towel drying

One of the most common mistakes when stepping out the bath or shower is rubbing wet hair with a towel. The friction from this not only makes hair rough over time, but also causes small breakages and puts a lot of strain on your hair. Change your hair drying habits and gently squeeze the excess water from your hair and then pat your hair with a towel. You can even swap a towel with a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel, which a handy trick to draw water from your hair without causing any damage.

Avoid brushes on wet hair

Although brushing hair regularly is great for stimulating the roots and encouraging growth, using a brush on a wet hair causes major breakages, puts tension on your hair and can often cause damage that is hard to reverse. If you find your hair isn’t as sleek as you’d hoped and has lots of shorter ends after blow-drying, this is often caused by brushing wet hair, so swap the brush for a wide- tooth comb and gently work through small sections of your hair.

Prep hair before using a hair dryer

Take the time to part your hair in sections and clip them out the way until you’re ready to dry that section. Keep the hairdryer moving across the lengths of your hair to avoid drying out one area. This will result in a polished, sleek look!

Select hair tools where hydration is key

Locking in moisture is a vital step to protecting luscious locks and the Panasonic hairdryers and straighteners will be your saviour.

The NA-98 hair dryer has three modes that works hydrating wonders: Intelligent Temperate Mode, Hot & Cold Mode and Scalp Mode. Intelligent Temperature Mode prevents damage to hair and protects your scalp over time by intelligently adjusting the temperature of the airflow. Hot & Cold mode will recreate that Salon-perfect look by applying hot air gently to the hair cuticles, followed by cooling. Whilst Scalp Mode is effective in mitigating dryness overtime, as the warm air and nano-sized moisture ions moisturise your scalp.

To maintain sleekness after drying your hair, try Panasonic’s EH-HS0E: Enrich + Advanced Care Hair Straighteners. These straighteners have the latest innovations which mean you can style you and your hair as desired, whilst penetrating hair with moisture, and leaving it shiny, smooth and with less frizz. It has two hero features that are perfect for locking in moisture: high-speed intelligent thermal sensor and heat distribution plates for single stroke straightening.

Best hair drying tips to prevent damage to your hair

Panasonic EH-HS0E: Enrich + Advanced Care Hair Straightener.

Panasonic NA98 Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hairdryer is available from Boots.