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Blow Dry Essentials from Panasonic Beauty and Lyndsey Harrison

Blow Dry Essentials from Panasonic Beauty and Lyndsey Harrison

Blow Dry Essentials from Panasonic Beauty and Lyndsey Harrison

While blow dries are back, the salon experience is not quite the luxury we were once used to. To offer a helping hand in achieving the salon experience at home, Panasonic Beauty has teamed up with celebrity hair stylist, Lyndsey Harrison, for salon-essential tips that will make your blow dry skills as shiny as your hair!

Simple Blow Dry Step by Step, by Lyndsey Harrison:

  1. Start by rough drying your hair on a medium speed setting to approximately 80% dry. You can also add a heat protecting spray or serum at this stage to work in conjunction with a hair dryer such as the Panasonic Beauty Nanoe + Double Mineral to maximise hair health when styling
  2. Next, prep the hair by brushing through and putting your parting in place
  3. You then need to dry the front sections and pin with ‘no dent’ clips to hold in place. I tend to recommend drying the fronts first because these are the sections that will naturally dry quickest, so we need to style them before they completely dry
  4. Then, part the hair from ear to ear, split into two sections and dry the hair with a large round brush
  5. Roll the large brush at the ends to create a smooth curl at the bottom of the hair sections
  6. From here, you’ll need to create a section from the top of the forehead all the way around to meet the other side of your forehead. This is the largest section and depending on hair thickness you could typically dry in 4/6 sections, working horizontally
  7. When drying, always make sure your hair dryer is angled down as this will make the hair cuticle smooth and shiny. The Nanoe + Double Mineral Hair Dryer is also helpful for this as the Double Mineral technology flattens the cuticle, too, making the blow dry easier!
  8. Finally, finish off with the top section by splitting into two, along the parting, and blow dry either around towards the face, or away from the face, depending on the finish you want to achieve
  9. Remove clips and spritz with a flexible hair spray

Blow Dry Dos and Don’ts from Lyndsey Harrison:

  • It is really important to have a nozzle on your hair dryer to aim the air down the hair shaft so it keeps the hair cuticle flat and therefore feels softer. A hair dryer I recommend for this is the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Hair Dryer as this uses technology to assist with flattening hair cuticles for optimal shine
  • Always comb/brush hair when it’s wet to get any knots out. This is because the hair is stretchy when wet and will not snap off. Combing knots out of dry hair results in breakage
  • Don’t dry your hair from soaking wet as you will be putting unnecessary time on your blow dry and over drying each section
  • If applying product to the hair, make sure you lift the hair up to get to all the sections, don’t just spray it on the top visible section
  • It is easier to dry the hair smooth and tong afterwards if you like waves, this is always how professionals work in salons
  • Don’t aim the hair dryer up the hair shaft as that means the hair follicles will dry sticking out and make the hair feel rough and not silky or smooth
Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Hairdryer:


If you’ve got a love-hate relationship with your hair, it’s time to couple up with a hairdryer that won’t break your heart; the new Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hairdryer is the perfect match for tresses in need of a little TLC.

Giving your hair the care it deserves, the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hairdryer is boosted with Panasonic’s Nanoe TM and Double Mineral technology, a combination that is proven to reduce visible hair damage¹. Tackling the visible signs of damage such as lack of shine, frizz, dryness, dullness and split ends, the combination of Nanoe TM and Double Mineral technology in this premium hairdryer delivers beautiful looking locks.

Helping you split up with split ends, the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hairdryer reduces hair damage and split ends, making hair damage resistant over time¹. Actively eliminating static to reduce frizz, the intelligent temperature sensor continuously adjusts the dryer heat to prevent any heat damage.

With 88% of users noting a visible improvement in split ends after 5 weeks², and 91% noticing a reduction in frizz² - this is a relationship that’s built to stand the test of time.

Blow Dry Essentials from Panasonic Beauty and Lyndsey Harrison

It’s not just your hair this advanced hairdryer’s sure to leave besotted, the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hairdryer also offers 360°care for your hair, scalp and skin, with Hot, Hot&Cold, Skin and Scalp modes. Helping mitigate scalp and skin dryness, the Scalp Mode and Skin Mode work to deliver moisture ions to scalp and facial skin, with 90% of users reporting improvement in scalp dryness after just five weeks of usage².

And that’s not all, the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Advanced Hairdryer also features a foldable handle, ensuring easy storage and transport when travelling.


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